Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The money or the box?

Today I received some post from a post box at the Tsuen Wan Post Office in Hong Kong.

While I immediately get the letter opener to work on known mail that arrives at the highrise, I like to savour unknown mail. I like to look at the address from where it comes. Feel it's thickness. Turn it over. Although it is certainly my mail by the surname, it might have a different first name, thereby giving me a clue as to where it comes from. I can see R getting irritated with me, as he wants to know what it is straight away.

A hand written addressing that I don't know is even better and I will delay longer.

This one was printed and my theory was wrong. My Sydney friend who grew up in Hong Kong had not signed me up to some vile and filthy boi on boi ponography catalogue.

No, the mail related to back here when the wedding planners were busy. The hotel we stayed at was a member of a points reward group called Priority Club. The twelve thousand points I earned from the Potts Point Holiday Inn stay was not even enough to pay for a single night for our forthcoming visit. Barley Charlie. What a waste. No wait. Look, I can get a $50 gift voucher for Coles Myer for 10,000 points. May as well grab it and so that was what arrived from Hong Kong in today's post.

R wants it to pay for household shopping at Coles and we pocket the cash. I want to spend it elsewhere and buy something I would not normally think of spending hard earned money on. What you reckon customers? The money or the box? The practical and sensible or the naughty and extravagant?

You better bloody well answer correctly.


  1. You're lucky. The only mail I ever get is bloody bills.

  2. Naughty and extravagant gets my vote.

  3. The box, the box!!!! Look at it this way, if you use it to buy groceries, then the money you save will go on something extravagent. If you buy something extravagent you can cut out the middle-man.

    I despise the idea of getting something for nothing then using it to pay bills or buy groceries. Use it to live large, or at least as large as you can for $50.

  4. Definately Extravagant! You always do have to spend money at a Supermarket or wherever else for go the extravagant :)

  5. I'd go the naughty.

  6. Off to Coles I say

  7. Anonymous11:24 am

    Spend it on your grog supply.....

  8. Ours mostly are too Brian.

    Knew you would go for the box Mutant. Now what do I not need?

    Extravagant Raelene. Yes that is what I want to do.

    Much easier for a woman to waste $50 Cazzie. I have to think about what to spend it on.

    I usually do in whatever circumstances Ozfemme. Is the hair looking good yet?

    You New Yorkers are so practical Ian.

  9. I'm on the wagon Anon. Believe me?

  10. Naughty and extravagant of course!
    You can clip coupons or beg or borrow food vouchers for the hum-drum of daily life :P

  11. Maybe you could send us a food parcel Jayne. No tinned spaghetti pls.