Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Mighty Diamantina, Take Two

I was all excited when the usually dry Diamantina River in inland Australia was flowing toward Lake Eyre. Back here in 2007 I expected it was a really significant event and if not filling Lake Eyre, at least have a decent impact. Seems I was a bit premature.....hmm, been a long time since that happened.

But it is the real thing this time kiddies. Lake Eyre in central Australia is filling rapidly this year from the flooding rains in Queensland a couple of months ago. I don't know if the flow is enough to fill both lakes. We shall see.

So where do all the fish come from that appear in a lake bed that might have been dry for three decades? Where does all the greenery come from in an area that might of just be dust and salt pans for decades? How do birds know it is going to flood and make their way there in there hundreds of thousands to feast and breed?

I know the answers. You can go off and do your own character building research. I am suffering too much from our drought to be bothered.

But the filling of Lake Eyre is truly a wonder of nature.

Ok, I will just incite your interest with a couple of facts.

Lake Eyre is ten metres below sea level and is dropping down into the earth, that is getting lower.

It covers an area the size of France, Germany and Italy combined.


  1. She's a biggun, Andrew, but sadly lacking the pink flamingoes and martinis :P

  2. Flamingos would add some colour Jayne.