Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meal Out

When you are in town and the cook, aka R is on strike, you need to find somewhere to eat. Many places to choose from, but we end up at an old fave, Lemon Bistro.

The lass who took our order got it way wrong. She pressed me whether I wanted Thai chicken or shrimp salad. I said it it was both, which it was, but she repeated back Thai chicken salad. Bad Engrish. From what I could see, she could not read English. I did get prawns and and chicken though.

I observed my fellow diners. A total of six et alone. Only one did not have reading material. He was very old.

There was a foursome and the two young guys were cute as. Although one's jeans were already half down his ass, I really wanted to suggest that they were unfashionably high and I would pull them down lower for him.

There was an American Asian lass in the company of a western girl who spoke way too loudly. I am sure Dina and Daisy don't speak so loudly, but there does seem to be a large number of Americans who do. At one point she became so loud, necks snapped as heads swivelled to glare at her. Ok, I will concede that she was probably not long out of a private school and you know how loud private school lasses can be.

There was a couple, probably visitors to Melbourne. They were in the forties at a guess and a nice enough well matched couple, except for her hair. The colour was ok, but what a style. Hideous and straight from the ark.

There was an Asian couple, she very glam looking and he looked ok while he was sitting down. He was in black pants and a nicely fitted shirt. Then he stood up. He was not exactly skinny and his pants fitted him so badly and were too short. He looked good from the chest up.

I shouldn't be so critical should I, and R and I did talk too. I wasn't just staring around the room all the time. I do like people watching though and it was a nice meal.


  1. "...you know how loud private school lasses can be."

    You have to make sure that the cricket bat hits them in exactly the right spot.

  2. So very tempting Brian.

  3. You weren't dining out, you were perving. Good thing your fingers were full of cutlery or we'd be bailing you out about now.

  4. No boi waiters Jahteh. None whose goolies I could grab and they would not complain because they are foreign and I am not and I am the customer who is always right.

  5. Yes, I people watch at restaurants all the time which I'm sure must be both disconcerting and rude for whoever I am dining with at the time.

  6. I perhaps do it less when with friends Victor, but with R, well, by the time we arrived we were nearly talked out.