Friday, May 08, 2009

Laptop broadband plans

Telstra $60 1gb per month includes modem 3 year contract Own Next G network
First year half price

Optus $40 2gb modem not known 2 year contract Optus 3G network

Primus $35 1gb includes modem 2 year contract Optus 3G network

Dodo $25 1gb $149 for modem no contract Optus 3G network

Virgin $24 1gb includes modem 2 year contract Optus 3G network

It will not be our primary computer so no movie or music video downloads. I am very inclined to go with Virgin. Corrections and opinions are welcomed.


  1. I have Telstra NextG laptop prepaid stick - a mini mobile plugin.
    In the past month I have received 2.59Mb and received 399.15Kb

    as you know, I am on it all the time so your 1Gb should be plenty
    I never view Youtubes though(their whole setup just spews greenhouse gases apparently).

  2. doh. 'sent 399.15 Kb

  3. They're all crap to be honest. I get about 40 gig for fifteen quid a month, no long term contract whatsoever. Blighty's actually excelled itself for once it would appear.

  4. We have a 1gb plan with 3 that is $15 a month. From memory it was a around $100 for the dongle thingie (Maybe $125??) but at the monthly cheapness, it might be worth looking at 3?
    They also had it on a scheme where it wasn't ongoing, so we didn't have to lock into the same thing for 2 years. We only needed it for the interim between houses til we could get connected here.
    BTW Have had no issues with 3, and also on their mobile plans now too, so that's enough to tell you we're happy with the service side.

  5. I'll weigh in with my opine shall I?

    Telstra's value proposition sucks. I've heard of minimal trouble with Virgin, but if Optus includes a moden its probably the better way to go.

    I'm running a pre-paid Telstra service and because work requires a lot of image and video intensive websites it costs me a farking fortune, so I'm looking at the Optus thing myself.

  6. whatever you do, don't go with Dodo. They've had the highest number of complaints against them with the ACCC for a long time now, they even beat Optus and Telstra yet have a fraction of their customer base.

    We used to be with optarse and they weren't bad, but for ADSL they just weren't that competitive. I know nothing about virgin, but if you don't know about it, check this site out: Always a wealth of information there and there's a section on wireless ISP's.

  7. We just F%^&%$d off Telstra after being their customer for 18 was only last Wednesday. Why? They cut our home phone off, AGAIN, for no reason..and Tom was on camp too!
    We are changing to Optus. Home phone, mobiles and broadband at $99. I'd have to get back to you with the figures on calls and what not, but I know I get to call unlimited STD (which is good as family are mostly in the rural areas), I think the Internet is 20GB (I might be swearing there coz I am not up to this talk. I know the most we have ever used is 18 (whatevers) and that is with movie and YouTube and all these other big downloads.
    So, that is good for us.
    I have been thnkig of getting a prepaid stick for my Lappy for when we travel, of late we have just called into a McDonalds on travels.

  8. Gay men are known to use huge amounts of mega bytes FG. I am concerned.

    That is good Brian. We know we are being ripped off big time here for what we get.

    Thanks Raelene, and guess who we just connected to. A post later.

    Virgin seemed to get a good enough rap Mutant. The Telstra charge is absurd and since none of the resellers seem to use their network, I guess their wholesale prices are bad too.

    Yeah, I am not keen on Dodo, Fenz. I was going to look at Whirlpool, but I always find it a difficult site to navigate.

    Great Cazzie, now look what you have done to the value of my measly few Telstra shares. Bundling is when you really get some good prices, except for Telstra. Yours sounds to be a good deal.