Saturday, May 02, 2009

I want some time to get bored.

One for a few hours is enough. How do people manage with more than one?

What a gorgeous day. The sun shone warmly, the breeze blew gently and all was well with the world.

By 9.30 we were eating breakfast at Mojito's in the Prahran Market courtyard, by 11 we had ticked off shopping at Coles, Woolworths, Priceline, Dan Murphys, the Prahran Market flower stall and the fruit and vegetable shop. By 12 we were home and groceries unpacked and sums calculated as to who owed whom what.

Sister's footy team, Hawthorn, was playing at the MCG, so the St Kilda Road babystitters stepped up to the ball bounce. Hurricane Sister and Little Jo arrived at 12.30. By 12.35 the highrise was looking distinctly untidy.

We et a chicken sandwhich, played with toys and then played online with BBC for Kids. We went off to Albert Park Lake to feed the ducks, swans and assorted birds. Little Jo is a bit fearful of critters. Feeding the birds a tiny bit of bread was not so exciting. But look Little Jo, over there, some play equipment. That occupied her for 20 minutes.

Here we go. Sister won't approve, but how about an ice cream Little Jo? Off to the Jolly Roger kiosk. Sailing boats were going into the water and coming out. Kids and teens and adults everwhere. Very busy.

Back to the highrise via another go on the play equipment. A nappy change required. Pooh 'tink. R does the necesarry while I hold the suddenly very interested swans at bay. I didn't know they hissed. They certainly aren't shy and were very inclined to hold their ground. I was so brave. Instead of taking the path through the park and it taking five minutes to cross Queens Road and Kingsway, we walked up Albert Road. Little Jo conceded to get into the pram.

Some tuna pasta casserole for Little Jo and some drawing with texta pens. Error. Get metho bottle out to clean off her hands and legs of texta.

Down to the pool for a swim. The swim did not last long as Little Jo wanted bubbles. Into the spa and someone had added something to the water so as well as the water turbulance, we had a good bit of froth and foam as well. The jets and bubbles stopped, so Little Jo was quickly out to press the buttons to switch them back on.

Upstairs and R gave Little Jo a bath while I showered. I knew what was coming. I will have to entertain her while R has a shower. Must be time for a dvd. Some dinasour called Dorothy was the afternoon viewing. Dottie the dino came from the library and needed a good clean. Dottie failed to proceed after quarter of an hour. Go for the sure thing, The Wiggles.

Meanwhile indulged in the kid in myself and had some fun making microwave popcorn. The bad Uncles fed Little Jo popcorn, strike two. Quick R, give her some grapes, that will make up for it.

I am not the least bit interested in football, that is Aussie Rules, but I then retired to my en suite to listen to the end of a very exciting football game, the one that Sister was at. Thankfully her team won and she was happy when she returned.

Sister moves to the country to be with the Bone Doctor on Monday. We won't see Little Jo for a while. R is going to miss her terribly.....I might a little bit too.

Walking past MacRob girls school, a Government school for really clever lasses. University High is the male equivalent. I am sure someone will correct any errors. The trees on the perimeter of Albert Park golf course looked great. When we first moved here, they were so small. I think they are rubber trees. Correct me there too.
Somewhere among all the tall buildings is the highrise. I don't understand why all these boats don't crash into each other.
Little Jo had made a friend, the daughter of the woman in the kiosk. I only found out after the girl left that she was daughter of staff. Pity we did not meet her earlier, we might have gotten cheaper icecreams. The girl was older than Little Jo and tried to talk to her with sentences. Little Jo only does words, not sentences. The girl's top was filthy and her face smeared with tomato sauce. It went through my head that she was underpriveleged, silly given where we were, but should we buy her an ice cream too? Then the girl moved around the table and leant on my leg and continued to talk to Little Jo. I was waiting for someone to scream out, get your hands off her, you digusting pedo. No one did. A very attractive young man was about to wheel his boat on a trailer right over the top of Little Jo, he stopped and said to Little Jo, hello young lady, can I pass? Your very middle class young men may piss on walls in a side street occasionally, throw up on a tram, get terribly drunk, but they are always so nice and polite.
Across the lake to more tall buildings, roughly from where the play area is.


  1. "The swim did not last long as Little Jo wanted bubbles."

    Another hastilly consumed ice cream probably would have sorted that out.

  2. My crystal ball shows some country sojourns in your immediate future ;)

  3. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Melbourne High is MacRob's brother school. Uni High is co-ed.

  4. Such a lovely day Andrew. We used to frequent Albert Park Lake when my Sarah was a baby. We had a little Sailing Boat and we loved it out on the lake. I, too, am not sure how crashes were avoided. They just were.
    Little Jo has had a busy day, I bet her Uncles will sleep well tonight too!

  5. Brian, thankfully they have invented swimming nappies.

    We plan to Jayne, but Sister will come to Melbourne quite often I think.

    Thanks Anon. I knew I had it wrong.

    Gee,what fun Cazzie. We did sleep well.

  6. Sounds just wonderful...ahhh...g'arn you loved it...

    My daughter looks at the same lake but I think from a different side. her place looks out towards Port Phillip bay...over the lake...its the best thing about her place...the view of the clouds coming from the Antartic via tassie is amazing

  7. From what you have said MC, I guess she lives a bit further south along St Kilda Road or Queens Road. Her place may well be in the second picture of the highrises.