Sunday, May 17, 2009

Environmental Rant

I am pig sick of hearing about the destruction of our environment. Please, I am nearly old. We were concerned about the environment in Social Studies in Form 4a at school in the 1970s. It has caused me sleepness nights at times. For my whole life I have had to worry about the environment. Neither Labor nor Liberal parties do anything else but pay lip service. It is in my blood to direct my voting preferences to Labor, but I vote for the Greens whenever I get the opportunity to vote. Makes no effing difference.

All this nonsense about lower power consumption light bulbs that take such a high energy input to construct, the decentralisation of water supply with home water tanks that remain empty when it doesn't rain and short of water, never mind putting too many people into cities where there is insufficient water, let alone any other services.

We are lectured that we must act as individuals to reduce our (I hate these two words) carbon footprint.

This is not up to me and it is not up to you and nor is it up to business. It is up to governments to control, to regulate, to innovate and to fix the blasted environment where we live.

In the big picture, we twenty odd million people in Australia have little effect on the world's environment. Of course we, through our governments must act, if only to set an example, but we can't even do that!


  1. Anonymous7:19 pm

    It is up to you, me, business and the goverment, ie, everyone. We're all in this together. Regulations and controls only work when individuals and businesses adhere to them. If humanity really wants to save itself and the rest of life on our planet, then everyone has to be prepared to make significant changes to their lives. Vik.

  2. Vik, I should have added at the end, do not respond with a sensible comment. Since you have, I must respond. It is up to government to make and enforce regulations. Businesses will when they are forced to, otherwise it is all about profit. I agree it is up to individuals and without sensible direction, people are......up to point. We as individuals have to be controlled. It is no good relying on individuals and individual efforts. I am just so tired of worrying about the 'environment'.

  3. You know....

    I think I agree with you.

    It is up to the government. I can do all these little things. And I guess it makes me feel good to do them. But what's the point if other people are just going to be incredibly wasteful?

    For example, I can sit there and turn off the water while I brush my teeth. But then my neighbor might leave his water on while he brushes his teeth, leaves to go get his pajamas on, etc.

    I think as individuals we could make a difference if we ALL did something. But if it's only some of us, there's really no point....except to make us feel good about ourselves. I guess.

  4. Dina, it is very much about feel good stuff. I am fed up with it.

  5. A gobal environmental disaster will just be nature's way of sneezing out the germs of humanity.

  6. Had a minor brain fart when I read the mongrel Vic Govt went back on their promise (now there's something new...NOT) about installing rainwater tanks at So Cross station.
    200 million litres of water down the gutter during a drought!
    Pathetic little men with pathetic little brains in political office controlling us with apathetic laws.

  7. I do believe that Brian. Earth will look after itself, even if it has to rid itself of humans to do so.

    It was a very odd thing Jayne.

  8. Our Governments are gutless wonders who are paid off by fossil fuelled w*nkers. We're doomed.


  9. I can only conclude you are right Fenz. It is about protecting private profit.