Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Dongle

Gee, you are all such a helpful lot with your assistance to a lap top virgin. Most kind. What clinched our internet decision was a shop front presence.

Virgin was being problematic, on their website at least, about delivery. Delivered during office hours, if no one there to receive, then either to a post office or the courier depot. Well, the post office would have been ok, but a courier depot? Where?

Then Raelene made a comment and as well as it seeming to be a good deal, I recalled the company has a shop right next where we often have a Saturday brunch in Pran Central before tackling the shopping. The Three shop has been there for donkey's years. So in we went and R signed up and we now have a dongle. $20 per month (five of that for the modem), 1GB. While we are grateful to Raelene at the moment, guess who will get the blame if things go wrong!

But, the downside is we don't have anything to insert the dongle into. It is like getting two wheels of a new car before you get the rest of the car.

We ummed and ahhed long and hard about the new laptop. My computer man said no, he can't compete with the prices the big stores sell for in the cheaper area of computers. As I was leaving, he said, I will make a couple of calls and see if there are any promotions. I will call you. He called the next day and had come up with a model with better specifications than anything we had seen and for $850. I notified R at work, he said go ahead if you think it is ok (I will get the blame if it isn't), I thought about it for a few hours and then bit the bullet. I called computer man back, checked a couple of details and said yes.

But it won't arrive until Monday or Tuesday.

Unrelated, Sister and the Bone Doctor are in town for the weekend, and guess who we are looking after this evening.


  1. I got a DELL 9" mini for $500 from Officeworks last December.
    It fits in my handbag, but no CD, and the keyboard is not usual and that takes a bit of thought.
    I think the newer larger Dell mini has a CD tray now.
    That whirlpool site mentioned above is good for nerd info, also the site.

  2. "But, the downside is we don't have anything to insert the dongle into."

    Might I suggest Richard Branson's arse?

  3. *Gulp!*

    :) Seriously, we've had good luck with ours. Hope yours is the same!

  4. we don't have anything to insert the dongle intoA gay man's nightmare.

    I know, I know - cheap joke.

  5. Thanks FG, I will take a look.

    Brian, if it wasn't for Branson all you lot would not not flitting all over the place in planes. Bring back BOAC?

    Raelene, I was a bit concerned about coverage in the highrise where signals can be problematic, but the shop owner reassured me that he has similar customers in highrises and no problems. Don't worry, it was my decision, based on research and other people's knowledge.

    Victor, I would have been disappointed if no one ran with the line.