Monday, May 18, 2009

Doing the deb

The younger niece's deb ball was last Saturday night. She looked gorgeous of course, as did all the participants. It isn't called a deb ball anymore, but a presentation evening, but the rituals are the same.

Unlike when the other niece had hers, this one was dry, that is no alchol. It made for a quiet and subdued night. The food was ordinary and at $80 for the privilege of attending, almost might fall into the rip off category. However, it was a school fundraiser.

R and I collected Sister from Murrumbeena on the way to Dandenong where it was held. We had a chat to the Bone Doctor and a play with Little Jo. Mother said she wasn't well enough to go. ABI Brother baulked at the cost. Tradie Brother's g/f was no invited, which caused some ruckas in the family. Sister slipped into snob mode, comparing the government school deb ball to the ones she had attended as a teacher at a private school.

So that is the end of deb balls for us. I will probably be dead by the time Little Jo gets to that age, and while they can be a great occasion for the kiddies, they are an awful anachronism. School Formals would be better. Little Jo may not have to decide whether she 'does her deb'.

We cut from the ball as early as we could, but it was still 11.30 before we got home. Stone cold sober on Saturday night. We weren't by 1am Sunday though.


  1. I didn't realise these events still are held. Was June Dally-Watkins around?

  2. I'd drink to that too! I loved my deb, it was awesome fun. The table arrangement situation is always a problem, even at weddings..and the amount of people you can and can't invite is the same level of anxiety too.
    Any pics to share Andrew?

  3. Feral Queen's was a dry do, too, which made for a VERY early evening.
    Feral Teen chose not to do her deb, for which we all breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the passing planets ;)

  4. Deb balls, oh lord, don't get me started. I got asked to be a deb partner and because I can't say no ended up learning a bunch of painful and awkward dances with a bird I couldn't stand. Thankfully her boyfriend got jealous and stopped her from doing it. He knew a deb ball usually ends in drunken sex between partners and didn't want me putting my hands on his girl - turns out he just wanted to get his grubby mitts on me though, not her.

    I then got asked again, but had a panic attack about it so was quickly unasked - thank god. That same year Cindy and her Billy Idol-esque partner decided to fuck on the fixed gas barbeque at the back of the school hall, emerging ten minutes later covered in grease and minor burns in uncomfortable places. Classy, non?My brother has two daughters fast approaching that age and I can only hope to god the idea of wearing a dress for hours on end is too much to handle. I think they'd make much better drunken, boisterous guests.

  5. Seems a resurgence happened a few years ago Victor. June was propped up in corner checking the curtsies.

    I'll email you a couple of photos later Cazzie.

    Big sigh of relief by Jayne methinks.

    Your first para Mutant, now that is complex. So did he? Maybe you have written about once I think.

    Lucky Cindy to score a Billy Idol esque type. She probably wore her grease marks and burns with pride.

  6. Well, since you asked... I never got grabbed by the failed dab partners boyfriend - I found it all out too late to do anything about it, but lord I'd have loved too. He was a big, dumb, knuckle dragging, IQ of 3, country boy with no neck and a poor grasp of english, but just the right amount of rough. Sigh - I miss high school!

    You're damn right about Cindy - getting her chops grilled very publicly was like winning the lottery for her. Personally I refused to eat off that barbeque ever again, although if her man had put the hard word on me I'd have been all over that hotplate in a flash!

  7. Now there is something to work on. Doing him over the barbe.