Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A day for mother

Well, a few hours. I arranged to visit Mother today. At 9.30 she called me in a panic as her toilet was not draining. Every time she flushed it, it filled to the brim and then slowly drained away. For American readers, our toilets do not normally fill to the brim. I recall being very alarmed when I was in Thailand and had my first American toilet experience. I thought it was going to overflow.

Pick up some Draino will you Andrew, and a pie for lunch.

I battled the Monash Freeway with its varying speed restrictions from 40 kph to 80. While most slowed down for the speed restrictions, I think I was the only one who actually travelled at the correct speed. Smugly I say my unblemished police record remains intact.

Mother's lav had cured itself by the time I arrived. I put some Draino in the bathroom basin drain and the result was an improved flow.

Mother's funds are reducing at an alarming rate, according to her. She must sell Stepfather's car. Be lucky to get $1000, but it will help. She needs to transfer it to her name. It is a standard procedure, but she has made it bigger than Ben Hur.

She has a book to sell that was published before 1898. I might make a separate post on that. It is kind of interesting.

I cleaned the inside of her lounge room windows. She had asked me to pull the furniture out so that she could do it. Easier to leave the furniture there and just clean them myself.

I put a photo of her father in a frame.

Her gas heating has failed and it was diagnosed by a professional as unrepairable. She must use her aircon but after a killer bill for summer air con, she is worried. Duh, we all had killer air con bills for this summer. I don't think it will cost too much to use the air con heating and she can get the gas disconnected and save a bit there.

I forgot to check the water meter as suggested by a blog mate. Next time.

I took Mother to the local shops. How good are her shops! Post Office, newsagent, bank, and supermarket all within a hundred metres. She did a big shop while I returned to her house to get her phone bill which she had forgotten. The big shop will save ABI brother some bother, as he normally takes her or does her shopping.

Her supermarket is an IGA supermarket, under the name of Ritchies. They donate a percentage of their sales, if you have their card or keytag, to charities. There is a nearby Safeway, but in spite of its slight shabbiness, I very much like Ritchies. They seem to have everything and the staff are like no where else. They are so helpful and friendly. But I think they may well be unsustainable against the heavy competition of the Majors.

Took Mother home, carried in the groceries, has a snack, and then home to the highrise.


  1. "I recall being very alarmed when I was in Thailand and had my first American toilet experience."

    I take it George Bush was on a state visit?"For American readers, our toilets do not normally fill to the brim."

    That depends on whether you've eaten a McDonalds or not surely.

  2. lol about the toilets.

    Our toilets USUALLY don't fill up that high. When they do, we scream and run. If the water goes up that high, it's usually going to go out as well. And then we have to get the mop.

  3. EEK!
    Gas is cheaper than electricity and she'll need a lot of heating this winter.
    Old people get into the habit of "I can't afford this so I'll go without" and end up with pneumonia through simply not turning on the heater.
    She won't cope with the heating bills from the air-con and won't heat her home, Andrew, so you'd better keep an eye on her.

  4. "Pick up some Draino will you Andrew, and a pie for lunch."Now Shirl m'boy, if that instruction was given by either Copperwitch's or my mother, she'n'me would have combined the two and served it up to our respective maters on a bed of ground glass steeped in balsamic Phenyl, and then followed the time-honoured instruction (as we did or didn't do on Guy Fawkes' night) of 'Light blue touch paper and retire' (and buy a good alibi from Mick Gatto) until the reading of the Will.

  5. MiLord is right. I would have put the pie down the lav and dropped the draino in her tea.

    Get the gas fixed as Jayne said or she will get ill and it is cheaper and you will have to do it if you want to sell the house at some stage.

    Re the toilet. Check for any trees outside the house which are near the sewerage, tree roots will clog it up nicely. I've been there and done that with mother. I told you Cameraface, go through my blog and take notes.

  6. Brain, it was probably Eisenhower when I first went to Thailand. You point out a good reason to only ever eat very small portions of Maccas.

    Dina, perhaps it was the Thai impression of how American toilets worked. It really was alarming.

    Jayne, we use air con heating at home. Ours is quite efficient and is comparable with the cost of gas. Mother's is not so efficient, but she would only use it for an hour in the morning and maybe three hours at night. Compared to the cost of a new heater, we'll let it go and pay the bill if necessary.

    LS, clearly my mother is quite different. She is terribly grateful for what we do for her. She has to be, or it will stop.

    I suspect it is roots Jahteh. I am not sure why it cleared. I know she does not shove wrong things down the lav, so it will happen again and eventually a plumber will have to be called. The children will have to pay.

  7. I love IGA's. Ours is kinda shabby too, but it's far friendlier than Woolworths or Coles. Maybe I'm just a shabby kinda person!

  8. You want IGA shabby? Look no further than our nearby one at Oak Park, and no room to swing a cat. (But indeed, friendly.)