Friday, May 01, 2009

Cough, Splutter, Sniff

This flu from Mexico is a bit of a worry..........isn't it?

The media and government are running hard with, no doubt to sell media and distract poplulations from less important matters, such as scrutinizing governments.

We are alert and alarmed, fearful for ourselves and our loved ones. Maybe hundreds will die? Wow!

I find it hard to take too seriously when authoritative sources tell me that 25,000 children died yesterday and the same number will die today and again tomorrow.

In 2007 just in the US alone, nigh on fifteen thousand people died from AIDS.

Last year in our State of Victoria over three hundred people were killed on our roads.

Think I take my chances with the flu.


  1. It's crazy.

    I don't get it.

    At least some good jokes have come out of it though.

    Yeah, it's sad people died in Mexico. But people die all the time. How many people died in that recent Italian earthquake?

    Any day we can be victims of earthquakes, tornadoes, choking on a candy, the regular flu.....

    The scare factors they're using are ridiculous. I woke up the other day reading that there has been the first Texas! I started freaking out, thinking. Shit, this IS serious. The American deaths are beginning. But it was a Mexican child (probably with the bad strain of the pig flu) brought into Texas.
    The way the news headline reported it, it sounded like the mutated virus was beginning to be fatal.

  2. I'm a little bit sick of the 'coughing pig death' crap. The WHO tells us there are only seven confirmed fatalaties from it, much like any other strain of influenza. It is a cause for concern, the flu always is. The ill, elderly and very young are always at risk, as are those with some chronic ilnesses or respitory problems.

    I do like the figures you've turned up though. Puts the whole thing into perspective really doesn't it. Now if you'll excuse me I have contained electrical devices to use, busy roads to cross and an unknown and potentially dangerous public to mix with. Wish me luck.

  3. Anonymous3:20 pm

    I read yesterday that Egypt has ordered every pig in the country to be killed! How totally uneccessary is that??? Vik.

  4. Despite all the carryon and the more than one hundred 'suspected' cases in Australia not one single person has been confirmed with the swine flu here.

  5. "I read yesterday that Egypt has ordered every pig in the country to be killed!"

    We're having Susan Boyle put to death just to be on the safe side.

  6. WHEN as many people die daily from swine flu as car crashes, or even suicides, I'll take notice.

    Jody Bailey, Kahibah, NSW
    In today's Age. Enough said.

  7. Dina, your media sounds as bad as ours.

    Mutant, funnily, well no funny, but most of the death have been young people who were quite healthy. Them never ever having flu injections could be a cause. Flu injections weren't around when they were young, and they haven't gotten to the age where they feel they need them. You must demonstrate your contained electrical devices to me sometime.

    And Vik, Thailand has banned the import of pork products from Mexico. Why?

    Indeed not Victor, and you would nearly be old enough to have run the full gammit of flu, from Hong Kong to wherever else they came from.

    If nothing else Brian, I think Ms Boyle will end up being very comfortably off. I become more suspicious of her the more I think about her.

    Good letter Rob. I read today in yesterday's Age similar figures to what I used in the post today. It looks like I copied the story idea, but I didn't. I only read the story after I wrote the post.

  8. lol.

    You know what's sad/funny. The news reports I got WERE from Australia!!! I get my news headlines from Twitter--Sky News Australia and ABC. I used to have CNN because I felt I should have an American source, but I stopped following them when they had that race to a million followers.

    I do have Los Angeles Health news, but I don't think they had scary headlines like the Aussie ones did.

  9. "Coughing pig death" LOVE it!

    Dysentery is the biggest killer , followed by malaria - who knew that clean water sprinkled with a little DDT could cure the worlds woes?!

  10. My Gran lived with us when I was a kid and told me of the fear going around during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1919. A couple of her neighbours in Sth Melbourne died from it. Australia was insulated somewhat, only experiencing 12000 deaths. Only 12000... Most other countries lost more to the flu than they did to the Great War.

    I think alert but not alarmed is probably the right approach, much as I hate that expression.

  11. Having worked the last 2 nights in Emergency I can safely say that riding a motor bike, being on the Ring Road and being an intoxicated pedestrian are all that much more of a risk to the public.
    Still, people who are npt covering their mouth when they cough or sneeze are definately being reprimandedby me, lol.

  12. A quiet time for our media perhaps Dina.

    I liked that one too Jayne.

    Lad,there was an interesting graph on tv news tonight. The guv put in strong measures at the outbreak, and when not many more cases were happening, they relaxed the measures and it broke out worse.

    When are you starting the anon nurse blog Cazzie? I want to hear the gruesome. Of course yes, people should cover their mouths and noses.

  13. Joke..."I rang the Swine flu 1800 number and I couldn't understand them for all the crackling on the line" boom boom

  14. Only the fourth time I have heard it MC, but it quite good.