Thursday, May 07, 2009


Ok, I fess up. I am a closet heterosexual. I am so in love with Ali Moore. I want to have her babies.

I have always found smart women attractive. Note that my blog links are littered with them. Ali is not only smart, but extremely attractive too. Ok, I am not in lust with her like I would have violent excretions (Brian, you have no idea about how long I will exploit this, but isn't all publicity good?) about her, but still, she is pretty hot.

Have I written about her in the past? Can't recall. The voice and the accent is so important to me. Ali has an odd accent. Was she born in South Africa? Her accent is somewhere between an educated Australian accent and a neutral English accent. I am not sure if Ali can sing and dance, but she can sure do radio and television well.

You can't be bothered searching for her picture on the net? Ok, here is one.

And that is what I hoped to insert here, but I can't find a decent picture of her, only plain ABC photos. Seems that there is a porn star of the same name.


  1. (Brian, you have no idea about how long I will exploit this, but isn't all publicity good?)

    Only if it doesn't involve Susan Boyle.

  2. I can relate...probably.

    I have crushes on women--maybe as often as I do men. But I'm not sexually attracted to them.

    In college, my best friend (and the guy I had fallen in love with) confessed he was gay. I respected that, but had SUCH a huge crush on him. I never told him that, but it created a lot of problems between us.

    Years later he came to my wedding. Now that the feelings had passed and I was marrying someone else, I confessed about my secret crush. He then told me he had been in love with me too. And that had really confused him.

    I guess that's when I learned that love doesn't always follow gay/straight boundaries.

    Anyway....I shall go google your secret love so I can see what all the fuss is about.

  3. Okay.

    All I can say (And I'm just going on picture alone here)....

    We do NOT have the same taste in women.

  4. It would appear you aren't the only one:

  5. This is a decent piccy of your gal, DrewAn.
    I've heard her on-air, quite liked the accent, quite like the face :)

  6. Must be only a couple of weeks now until the world is glued to their screens to see Ms Boyle.

    Funny thing Dina. And you will never know if you were made for each other, but he would have strayed with other men for sure.

    It seems to be a very 'open' footy forum Raelene.

    She or me or both Cazzie?

    She is smiling too largely in that pic Jayne and I think it is an oldish pic, but ta.

  7. i can't even think what her accent is like, but i am a sucker for a good accent!

  8. "Must be only a couple of weeks now until the world is glued to their screens to see Ms Boyle."

    It'd have to be extremely strong glue to keep me there.

  9. Yes she is pretty but as I am not a closet hetero that's where it ends for me.

  10. So am I Fenz, especially a nice Scottish one.

    C'mon Brian, you must be at least be a bit curious as to how it all will pan out.

    Yeah, me too Victor. I like many pretty things.

  11. straight off Google News tonight -

    Intelligent women 'enjoy sex more': The Press Association

    Smarter girls have far better sex lives: The Sun

    R - get well soon!

  12. OMG Dina (above) living a
    'Will & Grace'* episode.

    * actually I call it Jack & Karen

  13. Ann oDyne:

    lol. Yeah. The show reminded me a lot of my experiences!

    But I'm sure it happens a lot. Woman falling in love with her gay best friend.....