Friday, May 22, 2009

Competitive Telstra

What?, I hear you say. Not even Telstra's most ardent supporter would be game to say how competitive Telstra is. (I must stop ended sentences with 'is'. I try sometimes)

Telstra is competitive in so far as they will crush their competitors with their full force, relying on their dominance in the area of infrastructure, most of which was built with taxpayer money.

They wired our building with their cables to supply broadband and cable tv and made it quite difficult to use other companies. Subsequently satellite has been installed, but even so.

I am always looking for viable alternatives to Telstra, but not just on cost alone. An alternative must work as well as Telstra mostly does. I have not found a viable one yet, but I will keep looking.

For $60 per month for cable, we get the very modest allowance of 12GB of data. Telstra is one of the few companies that charge for upload as well as download. We have been 'shaped' once, that is we exceeded the allowance and the net slowed right down to an almost unusable speed. Every month we almost get to the allowance. It is spoiling the pleasure of the internet.

I don't want to have to worry all the time about how much I am downloading. I don't want to have to check every few days that we are going along ok, so I have increased our plan to a 25GB model for another $20 per month. It pains me to do so, but not as much as the pain of worrying about how much we are downloading.

Now, how long do you think it will be before I start complaining about our 25GB limit? Two years? Less, maybe?


    While taking my money in exchange for promises in big fonts, the tiny fonts disclaim any obligation on their part to actually supply what the big fonts scream.
    Their NextG broadband is a joke.

  2. I'm just hanging out for my Telstra plan to be over.

    I remember that up until I signed with Telstra, I paid $20 a month for dial-up and a 500mb limit. Which I thought was reasonable enough, until I got broadband and everything just loaded quicker...and hence I looked at more websites...and I reached & exceeded my limit more often.

  3. We gave Telstra the Jack this Tuesday gone...after 18 years of having them as our provider..forget them.. let's see how Optus goes. So far so good.
    $99 a month home phone and internet, a nice little system too. Much cheaper than the other mob..and we cazn upgrade if we need to.
    We have rarely got to exceeding our limit on the internet when with Telstra Broadband.. restricting ourselves with You Tube and Move loading a bit.
    So far so good as I say.

  4. we use Internode for internet on our telstra line, i'd do away with the phone if I could, but being a poor student means I run out of credit on my mobile from time to time. We have 25 gig and pay around $60 a month, i think. I've not encountered any problems with their internet at all, it's been awesomely fast :)

  5. "They wired our building with their cables to supply broadband and cable tv and made it quite difficult to use other companies."

    In Blighty all the phone lines were installed by BT when they were still a publicly-owned company. Nowadays any competitiors have to rent the lines from them. Even more annoying though is the fact that out of all the providers BT are probably the best. I'm torn between my old socialist principals and the fact that one of the biggest capitalist organisations in Britain runs the best service. Blood Maggie Thatch. Long might she burn in hell!

  6. FG, so that is who you use for your laptop? No good? Why? Apart from the high cost.

    Me, I was trying to remember if we ever had download limits on dial up, and I don't think we did, with various companies. Dial up was so slow, it wasn't necessary. 500mb nowadays is not much at all. Don't sign another contract. It gives you a tiny bit of power. Mind you, your state seems to be at the cutting edge of net experimentation.

    I reckon you will be fine with that Cazzie....until the kids get a bit older.

    ADSL Fenz. Pretty reasonable price. I guess you have a router to distribute the signal.

    Exactly the same here Brian. And let me guess, BT charges quite high wholesale prices to their competitors for use of BT's equipment.

  7. FG, so that is who you use for your laptop? No good? Why?...

    this morning I logged on at 10.01, 10.14, 10.19, 10.23, 10.33,
    10.34, 10.38, 10.43, ...

    what happened between all those times?
    I have been into the telstra shop, the one that took my $149 for the stick,
    the one with 8 huge flatscreens on the wall, with 116 spotlights on, and 10 staff flat-out taking money, only to be told "we don't handle technical problems."

  8. Yeah we've got a wireless router and 4 machines (used to be 5 but my laptop HD died *sniffle*)feeding off it. It works rather well. You can go naked with Internode (and other companies) but it's quite expensive if you d/l lots.

  9. Ah FG,cnr Bourke and Swanston I guess. Odd that they can't help. I can bet ours would not work outside Melbourne.

    Routers are not something I have experienced Fenz. I am very choosy about who I go naked with btw.

  10. Fenz, Internode ROOLZ.

    No 50 year contracts and a Help Desk that actually lives up to its description.

  11. and does the internode help desk person sound just like Richard E Grant?

  12. WE stuck with telstra for phone only as they had "priority fix" for disabled when the others didn't. They also had free call connect for people unable to use their hands due to disability the others don't...They also provied at minimal cost and extra phone designed for disability such as an inability to use hands... I am out of town so we have chosen a local internet provider TSN and they are excellent...I think its the best of both worlds...
    but Old Sol and his 3 amigos were the worst thing Telstra could have had inflicted on them. Someone I know was working high up and said what they did to Telstra was shocking... adios Sol you greedy bastard

  13. Social obligations MC. At least they still do that.