Monday, May 04, 2009

Call 000 but don't rely on it

If we are in big trouble big time in Australia, we should call 000. It provides a similar service as the international 112, 999 in the UK or 911 in the US.

In have never been bush walking, although I have walked in the bush quite a bit when I was young. I never got lost, and so did not use to what was nagged into me by various adults, moss on the south side, rivers always go downhill to the sea, sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If you are really confused, stay put and we will find you, clear some land and light a fire.

A modern addition to this would be to keep your fully charged mobile phone with you.

It seems David Iredale was taught none of this, except keeping his mobile phone with him. He got lost in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. Duh, how can you really get lost if you have a mobile phone with you and have a signal?

Before someone bothers me about inquests, possible trials and sub judice etc, I am in Victoria and I am writing to my Victorianl readers. There are legal precedents.

Poor David. He may have been a bit slow to call 000 when he became lost, but he did eventually call the emergency service, 17 times. What a horrible way to die, an alone teenager lad slowly dying from dehydration.

It was a bush walk under the care of Sydney Grammar. 'Nuff said there. Careless to say the least.

But where it really went wrong was when David called 000 and was continually pressed to provide a nearest street, seventeen times. Given he was lost in the bush, how could he? The number he was calling in from should have been transferred to someone senior who did not just go through the rote as taught.

The New South Wales 000 service totally failed David by not responding appropriately. I think disgrace is the appropriate word. An utter disgrace.


  1. "I think disgrace is the appropriate word."You're too kind Shirl.

    UTTERLY CRIMINAL!"we should call 000"Zero. Zero. Zero.

    Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

    ... sadly it would seem.

  2. That's horrible!

    So sad : (

  3. I read about this whilst on night duty. I could not eat another thing after reading that. Dehydration, desperation, ugly and agonising way to go.
    Poor boy :(

  4. That was f'kn disgusting, no one should ever have to die like that in this day and age.

  5. All, glad you agree.

  6. Poor David was only 15 - a child really... I have had many excellent instances of treatment with the ambos...due to Don's ill health but a couple of shocking instances...Don survived those but only because of our own resourcefulness

  7. The ambos were pretty good with my stepfather before he died but I recall one transport ambulance was not.