Friday, May 15, 2009


I was thinking I might write something about Bud Tingwell dying. Not much point now when everyone else has, so here are links to various blogmates' tributes. 'One of nature's gentlemen' is a term often bandied around, but it would seem like Bud was a person who really fitted the bill.

I will remember him best for his reading of various things, not particularly about his on screen work. Andy has a really nice photo.


  1. Apparently he was in some films with Margaret Rutherford, you know. (I only know this because Jayne told me.)

  2. Sadly to lose another Australian screen legend. I have also post my tribute to Bud on my blog website:

    I still can't believe that he has done so much for the Australian Television and Film industries. RIP mate, you'll be missed!

  3. Brian, I believe he was the Inspector in Miss Marple.

    Thanks Jazer. I will have a good look at your site next.

  4. He was just so NICE and POLITE and PLEASANT.
    Egads, he had MANNERS, too!!!!
    Which is really sad that those are the attributes to stand out in this day and age.