Monday, May 11, 2009

Blackpool Sex

There is a chappie in the UK who's name is Chris Geary. His website is his name, like His b/f is a Filipino who's name is Erick de Chavez. (Do take care with the Spanish Filipinos, they are not your usual subserviant Asian) They make a hot enough couple. We saw them once when we sitting in a pub in Sydney and they walked past. It was Mardi Gras time. I think it was pre blog time, but I did mention them here. Both Chris and Erick now hide their bits, but they did not always and they can be found on the net. In fact, I have them saved. Erick is a spray over his face sort of guy.

I sometimes have a look at what is the latest at Mr Geary's site and I came across a stripping video for free. It was filmed in Blackpool at the Flamingo bar.

We tried to go into Flamingo when we were in Blackpool there last year. Well, we did not know what sort of place it was, except it was a gay venue we came across. It seemed unfriendly. I have now looked at Flamingo website and it does not open until 11pm. Way too late for old geezers who were hanging around at 8pm and looking very lost. We had a nice Hilton room to relax in.

Lucky the The Flying Handbag was open where we had a pleasant drink and observed.

While it seems like a lifetime ago, it was less than a year since we were in England. It was the most fabulous holiday, but at times it was hard, very hard. Y'know, being dependant on other people at times. At one point I was on the verge of screaming out, Can someone just sort this out. I am in a foreign country, at the mercy of secondary relatives. I am powerless, so I want someone to work things out. At the end of the day, it did all work out.

Of regrets, I have a few, but not too many to mention. One is not asking Brian if he would like to meet us. I had sussed his email address already from someone, just in case. Ha, like I had access to computers when I was in England? But he knew we were coming. He didn't ask. Well, actually he did not know we were coming to Blackpool. We didn't either. It was a last minute decision. We stayed for one night in Blackpool, and then we got bored and went back to our Hexham caravan where we felt very comfortable.

The point I am probably trying to make is that it is not always all about me. I have to take R in to consideration. If I have to inflict some stranger to him onto him, I really need to prepare him in advance.

Preparing for Sydney holiday and meeting people as I speak.

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  1. Andrew,

    I'm not a difficult person to meet and greet. (Almost clean and presentable on the whole.) I'm sure R would have taken to me like a duck to water in no time.

    That's in the real world, of course. In comments boxes I'm a complete pain in the neck.

    I wish you'd let me know you were coming as well. I could have shown you Fleetwood Pier before it burnt down.