Friday, May 22, 2009

An Apparition

Is apparition the word? I don't really know what it means, so if I saw one, or do you have one, I wouldn't know. Here is my version of an apparition, a tall veiled woman suspended in a tree. Beats a religious shape in a slice of toast hands down.

Actually, it is a towel that has blown off someone's balcony and ended up in the tree. Assuming it is from this building, you are not allowed to dry washing on the balcony, so it serves you right that it blew away.

However, charitable soul that I am, I am just letting you know what happened to your missing towel. Just in front of the bank. Get a long stick or something to retrieve it.


  1. LOl, not my towel!

  2. not allowed to dry washing on the balcony - piffle. Do they have clothes lines out the back? Or is one expected to use fossil fuels to dry their clothes?

  3. "Is apparition the word?"

    Probably not...simulcra might be more suitable...although I've been told that 'Grease' is the word as well, so it's anybody's guess.

  4. You can some pretty strong winds in your area Cazzie. It could have blown here. Are yours initialed?

    Fenz, while it isn't, it is supposed to be a posh place and washing on the balcony will not do at all. No clothes lines. We dry our clothes on a rack in the spare room over a couple of days, except for socks and underwear that I dry by burning coal. I ain't hanging up 28 socks and 14 jocks a week.

    Trifecta Brian. You showed both your intelligence, education and knowledge of popular culture....except knowledge of the latter is something I would not brag about in the company of younguns.

  5. Actually Andrew, I was going to add that apparently 'In The Beginning' was the word as well...but I was worried that Reuben might drop by and keel-haul me.

  6. Don't worry about Reuben Brian. He is a very busy young man now.

  7. Not able to dry your clothes on the balcony, heck! One would think if it is a posh place people would want to air all their designer laundry...out for all the see the brand names...


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