Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tim Tam Slam

The Resident Judge of Port Phillip has never done the Tim Tam slam. I didn't know it had a name. Perhaps it is different. My recipe is not the same as that featured on her website.

Have a couple of spirit drinks, not too much dilution mind.

Make strong long black coffee from freshly ground beans. Suck up some black coffee through Tim Tam.

Chuck Tim Tam away over shoulder. Pour and drink another strong spirit and take another Tim Tam.

Suck up more black coffee. Feed Tim Tam to nearby child.

Pour and drink another glass of strong spirit. Suck up remainder of coffee through Tim Tam.

Feed left over Tim Tams to nearby dog. Pour yourself another drink and toast yourself in approval at your celebration of Australian culture.


  1. I tried the Tim Tam slam and almost died.

    Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But I did start choking/coughing uncontrollably. It wasn't a pretty sight ; )

  2. I shouldn't ask, but what's a Tim Tam?

  3. Nowhere in this are you actually eating one. Are they horrid?

  4. I've only done it once Dina. As exciting as watching paint dry.

    Brian and Daisy, Tim Tams are chocolate biscuits covered by chocolate with something in the middle, maybe caramel. They are quite expensive as biscuits go and nice enough. Someone may have be known or two occasionally, but someone ELSE eats a whole packet.

  5. Shameless self promotion Daniel, as if I don't promote you enough. But dear readers, it is a pretty good explanation of what to do with a Tim Tam and a liquid drink.

  6. What Daniel said :P

  7. Anonymous11:22 pm

    We used to do Tim Tam slams when I was in Rovers - it was an almost mandatory camping event! We used port or coffee. You can also do it with chocolate teddy bear biscuits - bite off one ear and the diagnally opposite foot and then suck your choice of liquid through the bear from bitten off foot to bitten off ear before bear crumbles into said drink. Ah those were the days...Vik.

  8. Biting ears and feet off bears Vik? Shame shame. The port sounds good btw.

  9. Anonymous12:06 pm

    I know, my hidden past; it's shameful. Vik.