Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ten things I won't do before I die

I shall not read Anna Karenina or War and Peace. Le Researche was enough for me.

I will not revisit tv programs or movies I loved seeing when I was a kid. They will disappoint.

I will not travel to America. We already have the best and the worst of it here. Ok, I could say that about England, which I loved. Perhaps that is a maybe.

I will not watch semi pornographic music videos on tv. What message are they sending to young people? I may make an exception if there are hot bare topped guys in the clips.

I will not stop thinking racist, sexist, homophobic, anti religious thoughts and stereotypes. I will continue to treat every other human as a fellow human and try to defend the weak.

I will not go camping in the great outdoors. There are many good reasons why the Hilton was invented.

I will not respect peoples views just because they are old. You may develop experience and cunning when you get older, but wisdom, no.

I will not grow fond of palm trees being planted everywhere along our local beaches. I don't find light poles with feather dusters stuck on top of them to be very attractive.

I will not trust cloud computing and continue to save my own files on my own dodgy media, well not yet.

Add any of your own.


  1. I will not vote tory...unless of course I develop a brain tumour.

  2. Dina Ditto from me.

    One thing I know I will not do before I die is
    see the new 'State Of Play' movie.
    There is no way Crowe and 'Tits' Mirren could improve the brilliant TV series with John Simm, Bill Nighy and James McAvoy. No. fkn. WAY.

    I know I will die without ever spending good Aussie money in Bangkok,
    listening to a Ddaanniii Mynogew song, or
    watching any kind of reality or talent TV show - The Gong Show said it all, and could not be improved on.

    that is all.
    mwah mwah

  3. I am pushing for Animal welfare and need everybody to visit this site which will post you a divine Mothers Day Gift for your Beloved Mother, and the purchase funds fighting animal cruelty in Australia ( a LOT of which there is - just Guugle "bobby calves" if you think the milk industry is not cruel).

  4. I will not tolerate BS artists, lol..never have never will :)

  5. I will not wear a baseball cap sideways

  6. One thing I will definitely not do before I die is continue breathing.

  7. I will not allow creationism to step one dirty foot in any public school if I were to become PM.

    I would not ever ban euthenasia, abortion, prostitution, illicit drugs or underage sex.

    I will never vote Family Fucktards First or Liberal. I shall never support Martin Ferguson or Lynne Kosky.

    I will never EVER take away people's civil liberties, unless they impede on my own.

  8. Yeah, agree about the Palms. I quite like the Norfolk Pine for beach trees. Not sure that the owners of houses that lose their view to the trees would agree though.

  9. So you say you will continue thinking homophobic thoughts?

    I don't get it.

  10. Victor,

    I was a little confused about that too!!

  11. Never mind Tory Brian, I would be having my doubts about Labour.

    Dina and Victor, I can't have a go at every minority without standing up to be a target too. It was perhaps a poor attempt to soften what I said.

    Oh god Ann, the Gong Show. It was terrible.

    No surprise there Cazzie. There are a lot of them.

    A wise idea Loz. I shan't either, nor backwards.

    Don't rush it though Brian.

    Party Reuben Alliance policies. Can't disagree.

    Once a hundred metres away from the beach Ben, I would like to see shade trees. Norfolk Islands pines aren't too bad, but not my favourite.

    See earlier comment Victor and Dina.