Thursday, April 02, 2009

Synagogue Saved

Due to my furious lobbying on the morning of April the first, the synagogue has been saved.

Does that make it clear? An April Fools Joke.


  1. hooray for everything
    but especially for my glass of red wine
    and your lovely april fools joke

  2. You would have cried for me if you were around for my 01/04/08 post Fenz.

  3. Sucked me in! (2nd year in a row). I was thinking it's a shame to knock the building down - as it stands would make a great redevelopment. Put a round restaurant/bar under the dome, and lovely roof garden all around.

  4. I like your ideas Altissima, but it still is a very valid place of worship and well supported. I usually start my 01/04 posts weeks in advance and hone them. I wansn't really so pleased with this years, but it seemed to work.

  5. From hereon in, we'll just send every vising Israeli embassador to Tullamarine industrial out of the way of public scrutiny from a public increasingly alarmed by Israel's hostile nature.

    Hey should do a post on that; discuss the controversial...I know I will.

  6. "Does that make it clear? An April Fools Joke."

    You're only saying that because the government's paid you to cover up the truth!

  7. You had me totally fooled.

    It was the third time I was fooled that day.

    I guess I'm gullible.

  8. Yes, after weeping buckets for you last year I'm wary of your 1/4 posts and failed to get snared this year :P

  9. I find the Israel Palestinian problem too complex and too serious to offer an enlightened opinion Reuben. On the face of it, I am a Palestinian sympathiser, but I don't wear narrow visioned goggles about the matter.

    Not true Brian, they didn't offer me enough money.

    I have become the opposite Dina. I struggle to believe anything on April 4.

    Aw Jayne, rub it in.

  10. Not all old gogs bit the dust, some got rehabilitated

  11. Looks fantastic Ian and would be quite at home in Belgravia I think. Obviously a local synagogue for local people.


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