Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Before

I am only really writing this because I want it recorded in my diary. While we visited St Kilda for a purpose, the movie, Sunday past, the Sunday before we caught the newish route 3A tram to St Kilda and walked the length of the Sunday Market on the Upper Esplanade. It was a bit minimal, having seemed to contract its length, but nice enough. We then walked both sides of Acland Street after watching a performing busker for a while.

Took a late lunch with a glass of red vino at Greasy Joes, outside, in the sunshine with a cooling breeze. The trams trundled past, the St Kilda people side show performed, the visitors from Forest Hills and Upper Kombuctor West noted, the tanned backpackers went about their errands and the screams from the Big Dipper at Luna Park permeated.

We were just on our own and it was lovely. The week before we had a lunch with friends at Middle Park Beach.

Not working on Sunday is not great for covering living expenses, but it is nice to do stuffs.


  1. It sure is great to have at least one weekend day off. I do understand the difference in pay when one does not work on a Sunday. I had this past Saturday off, I kind of felt guilty at first, due to the fact it was my weekend to work... but the time was spent well as a family, and we enjoyed it too :)
    I love seeing live performers :)

  2. making me nostalgic again Camface.
    before wending West, I lived off Acland Hill in StLeonards Ave.
    I do miss the fantastic food of Cafe Bala in Shakespeare Gve too.

    (I don't miss the helicopters of GP week though)

  3. Leo's Spag Bar gets me by the gastrointestinal tract every time - love their Cannelloni!!!
    And, yes, the surrounds are so very civilised.

  4. "We then walked both sides of Acland Street after watching a performing busker for a while."

    You should have watched him when he wasn't performing, it would have been more fun. At least, that's what people used to tell me many years ago in my youth when I used to go busking. The bit they liked the most was when the coppers turned up and told me to sod off.

  5. I get quite ratty if I have to work both days at the weekend Cazzie.

    Ah yeah Ann. I know the street. Highest density of population in Australia, I believe.

    Gee, haven't been to Leo's for a long time Jayne. 'Tis good.

    What was your specialty Brian? Magic tricks?

  6. "What was your specialty Brian? Magic tricks?"The tricks Brian did on the streets were quite magic according to his long time patron Jeremy Thorpe.


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