Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sexy Older Men

Generally a guy has to be under thirty for me to fall in instant lust with him, although gay guys who work hard at their appearance could string this out for a few more years. This doesn't mean I wouldn't or don't have sex with older guys, but slim smooth bodies with good skin are what really excite me.

But some older guys still do it for me, although I am not sure that this in not a case of memory of what they used to be rather than how they are now. The list of pop stars would be long. David Bowie would be in there, as would Mick Jagger. As I said, the list would be long.

But on a more personal and local level there are a few guys seen on our screens who don't not exactly make me weak at the knees, but certainly stir something in me.

I was going to include actor Erik Thomson, until I learned that he is a good bit younger than I am. Since I went to the trouble of finding some pics of him, you may as well check him out.

Now to the biz. There's only a couple of older guys. I realised why this post was saved and not done. It is rather hard and I am not going to spend too much time on it.

Aussie actor John Waters. I have no idea how old he is but clearly not so young and he seems to have been around for a long time. He is certainly of the age where he ought to stop wearing a large gold earring. I can't remember what he was like when he was younger, so I guess I did not find his younger self so hot. He has a face that tells me he has lived and that is why I think he looks so attractive. I am sure you would not die of boredom in his company.

And you could say the same about Gordon Brown of ABC's Collectors show. Do you know how many pictures of I had to look of England's PM before I found a couple of Tassie's Gordon Brown. He still has a decent Scottish accent, a penchant for very bright shirts, is very knowledgeable about antiques and seems to do things with passion.
"I'd do 'im" seems to fallen out of the highrise general household lingo and moved on to "I'd knob 'im", or "Would you knob him sweetie?" So Erik, John and Gordon, I'd knob you.

Suggest any older bloke or woman if you like who works ok for you.


  1. Waters is 62 although he fibs in interviews, he has HUGE cultural frame of reference, high IQ and highly developed sense of humour. He is a musician and excellent artist, especially of caricatures.
    I love him dearly but not enough to endure watching that feckin soap opera All Saints. Playschool was his golden era. did I mention I've slept with him?

  2. oh Gordon is pretty damn high on The Rob Roy Index yes indeed I could get lost in the pleats of his kilt n sporran.

    What's under yer kilt?
    ... can ye just hear him sayin-

    YOUR wife's lipstick ye big jessie

  3. This isn't Dr. Who...

  4. John Waters was so sexy in 'Rush', mouth watering in fact, and that O'Dyne tart did sleep with him.

  5. Alan Rickman
    (don't know how to do pics in comments)
    James Nesbitt
    David Tennant (only a tad older than me)
    Monica Bellucci
    aaah so many women...

  6. Our best mate..Don;s and mine was Alan... he stuck to Don and I from before 1982 when Don had his horrific accident...when all the other gurs peled off Alan stuck...I so much miss my talks with him, as did Don...Alan just went to sleep one night a year before Don was killed...we missed him so he was a part of us. Don was straight as a dye amd Alan was his and my best male mate...Don was without predjudice and took people as they were...good or bad, your post just reminded me of our friend who I have on my wal as I walk down the hall...Alan was the best and I miss im to this day...

  7. I've always had a soft spot for the older guy. Sean Connery and George Clooney to name but two!

  8. Ann, you are wicked. Nice girls don't kiss and tell. I expect a full report in my email inbox in the morning. Gordon would be your atypical Scot, large and dangling nicely as do the men from cold countries.

    No it isn't Brian. My blog is democratic.

    My memory of Rush is hazy Jahteh. It is ok for you to call Ann a tart since you are a friend. But hey, isn't she!!!

    Pinpointing your age by referencing David Tennant's age Fenz. I will check the other dudes tomorrow.

    It took a second read MC, but I think I understand.

    Evol, all the girls lust after Clooney. I just don't get it and nor Connery.

  9. I always adored Ed Bradley, but sadly he's gone over the rainbow. Among the living, I'll have a Donald Sutherland, please.

  10. Yes Fenz - Rickman, Tennant, and James Nesbitt - all very juicy.
    Clooney is of course, not actually batting for my team, he just keeps coming to the practice sessions.
    I do wish he would come out.

    Did anybody say Tom Selleck?

  11. "No it isn't Brian. My blog is democratic."

    Ah...that's where you're going wrong.

  12. I think this John Waters guy is very sexy......

  13. The young John Waters was stunningly good looking and, no, I haven't slept with him.

  14. Fenz, just checked them all out. Good choices.

    Daisy, Ed Bradly works for me. Not so sure about Sutherland.

    No one said Selleck Ann. I can't get over the monster moustache he used to have. Did not know anything about Clooney.

    Not like me to be so democratic Brian.

    Dina, there seems to be furious agreement on John Waters.

    Never mind Victor. We can't have them all.

  15. I'm so glad you posted on this topic - one of my favourites! It seems I too have the eye for older men, and can drool over many of these (especially Alan Rickman - not just his looks, but his voice....ooooh, he could read me bedtime stories anyday).
    I have discovered however, that the older man may be better as an object of ones affection to be held at a distance. In reality, trying to have a relationship with one can bring it's own troubles....

  16. Deb, it is more than how they look. Voice for sure, among other things. Write you own post with why it might not work for a younger woman with an older man. It would be interesting.

  17. Kristy Hinze and her zillionaire?
    Anna-Nicole and Mr Smith?
    Bryan Ferry and his child-bride.
    Tony 'Baldrick/Time Team' Robinson has a baby bride,
    an of course the clear winner -
    Ron Wood 64 and his Russian homewrecker Ekaterinka who is 19