Monday, April 20, 2009

Service Interruption

Blog posts from me may be very thin on the ground for a couple of days or more. I am focusing on my family tree and getting down and ordered what I can.

Working out rels takes time and just getting them onto the online tree is time consuming. While the really old stuff is for the future, I am at the moment focusing on people who Mother can remember. Trouble is, you can go in so many directions. I need to focus on just going backwards.

I also wonder if this has been done by someone else before and I am only repeating what they have done? Could I tack my bit onto theirs, so to speak? Combine knowledge? How would you find it anyway?

In Connex Train/Yarra Tram speak, Highriser apologises for the interruption and any inconvenience caused.


  1. Fortunately, coming from Fleetwood, my family tree is a very simple stump with the occasional twig sticking out of it, which makes it exceptionally easy to follow.

  2. Have fun with it!

    I hope you learn some interesting stuff : )

    I might miss you a bit--I mean all your blog posts.

  3. Browse Rootsweb or FamilySearch, Andrew, there may well have been a few "brickwalls" knocked over by someone else in your family tree ;)

  4. Good luck Andrew, my Pop has done his family tree, he has gone back to the 1600's..unbelievable stuff!

  5. I got as far as i could with mine, both sides Catholic irish and Protestant irish, coming out here in the 1840's50's. Then bingo two distant relatives contacted me and one had gone back to 1776 and the other 1814 and they had it all...I spen ages doing this...only one skelington but dead men don't talk...I think he was running from his family after marrying down. So he's a goodie to have. Good luck

  6. Hi Andrew - best place to start is - lot's of online records, including family trees that others have done. If your family goes back a few generations in Victoria then try here -

    It's basically pay for view but Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates for the most part will get you back one further generation.

    Coincidentally I just rejoined the Genealogical Society of Victoria after many years and they have a great reference library in the City which is worth visiting as is the Latrobe Library.

    Feel free to drop me a line if you want some other hints.

  7. My crazy old aunt spent most of her life travelling all over the globe putting ours together.

    It's an interesting read.

    I got a bit tipsy and fell out of our tree.

  8. It's okay Possum, your bum can take the landing.

  9. S'pose you are related to Ted Hughes then Brian?

    I doubt I will stay away for long Dina. (see next post, I am back already)

    Thanks Jayne.

    1600 sounds impressive Cazzie.

    Yeah MC, I really don't want to spend the time and effort it has already been done.

    Thanks Loz. I would pay to be a member of but I don't seem to be able to find out if, when you stop paying, that your tree is still visible, to yourself and to others.

    Haha, Ozfemme. Does that mean you told them all to eff off?

    Why you say that Jahteh?

  10. Anonymous10:04 pm

    I tried to do my family tree once but got stuck 3 generations back. My family name is just too popular and I couldn't work out who was who! Vik.

  11. Oh god Vik. Yours would be one of the hardest to do. I am a bit fortunate to have a couple of unusual names in my family.

  12. "S'pose you are related to Ted Hughes then Brian?"

    Probably not. He came from Yorkshire, I think. We Lancastrians would never interbreed with Yorkies.

  13. I was referring to Oz not you Andrew. We share familiar derrieres.

  14. Gotcha Jahteh.

    I saw a lovely Yorkie yesterday Brian. So pretty with the pink bow on her head. She still sniffed bottoms though.


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