Sunday, April 05, 2009

Run Away for Kids

All we grumpy old men wanted to do was go to the city and get a few bits and pieces but the charity Run for Kids made it very difficult.

I knew the trams were stopping at the Arts Centre, so the walk from there as far as Lonsdale Street would be the exercise for the day. I didn't reckon with Flinders Street being totally blocked by the runners. This all seems to hard. Tempting to go back and go to Prahran. We pressed on and remembered the Degraves Street subway under Flinders Street. Luckily the railways had left a barrier open for people. Buying a train ticket to get across the road would have infuriated me. Ok, I did have one already, but that is not the point.

We did what we had to do and loaded with stuffs, we waited at the tram stop for a tram home. I knew they were to start running at 12.45 and after a couple of minutes, the first tram through the city arrived. It was showing Arts Centre but we were turfed off and Flinders Street. A few minutes later a Toorak tram arrived but that turns off before our place. We caught it anway and changed again at Domain Road to a Carnegie.

I can inform City of Melbourne and traders that next year when the run is on, I will not be going to and therefore not be spending my money in the city. I will go elsewhere. Why can't a run be held elsewhere for a change? What's wrong with Croyden or Sunshine?


  1. A charity run for kids? Just kids? In general? A steamroller run would be better idea.

  2. Urgh! Tell me about it, I ventured into the city today, not knowing about the marathon, and was rudely eject from my tram outside Geoff's Shed. Although, I did giggle at the amateur joggers nursing their calves as they hobbled around the city after the race.

  3. I have since learnt Brian that it is a fund raiser for our Royal Children's Hospital. 30,000 ran, adults and kids. Raised near a million dollars I think. I don't care. I want to go to the shops.

    Evol, I saw so many heart attacks about to happen. The heart attack victims figures for fun runs are never published. So how did you get across Flinders Street at the western end of town?

  4. Should I tell you about the huge amount of property a certain hospital owns?
    Whole streets of houses/flats, renting them out to private clients, student nurses and doctors at market rates, almost all surrounding streets owned by corporations with different names.
    Telethons and fun runs are but a piddle in the ocean.

  5. A night time radio presenter complained of this Fun Run and also a Bike Ride buggering up his trip through to the other side of Melbourne , it took him 1 hr and 30min instead of the usual 30mins maximum.
    He, like you, said to hold the Fun Run anywhere else EXCEPT the main thoroughfares of Melbourne. I agree.

  6. While I support the cause in general, the whole fucking city shouldn't have to come to a standstill because of one event. I think I made this same point re the Big Pricks.

    People who have actual shit to do can't do it because a few people want to run through a tunnel.

  7. Bit of a feel good thing I suppose Jayne.

    Seems a bit un Australian to be against it Cazzie, but it has a big impact.

    Yep Andy. I did not have to be anywhere at a particular time, but I can imagine the cursing from those who did.