Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recommended Listening

Podcasts are great for when you have time alone and can listen to them properly. I have very much enjoyed listening to the Great Train Show, which comes from our national government broadcaster, the ABC.

I listened to a couple of podcasts from JOY, our gay radio station. One was an interview with an Iranian gay prospective immigrant. He sounded nice but being sentenced to eighty lashes and then being raped probably wasn't much fun. Check out the tale here, about half way down the list. Both interesting and scary.

Another was with a dyke orphan dwarf, Margo, who lives in Melbourne. She is happy with term dwarf. At some point I realised I had seen her many years ago. Then later I realised I had met her at Pokeys on my first visit to the venue, with two dyke friends. I remember she was standing on a bench seat. You met her Vik? It is a good positive story and it is about third down the list.

Tick all of those off, but what I am in progress of listening to is two older chicks talking and they are brill. I am rather fond of 'women of a certain age'. I always have been even when I was younger. These two talk like blokes never do, whatever age they are. I remember Angela Catterns when she used to broadcast on our ABC. I think she was a late night presenter when local radio went national. She was a very professional broadcaster with knowledge of her subject which, music I think. She has a good radio voice. I am not sure that Wendy Harmer's voice could be described as a good radio voice, but not too many people in Australia would not have heard of her. Stand up comic. Radio broadcaster. TV show host. She is good. Be you in Australia, the UK or the US or anywhere else, they will entertain you. I highly recommend Is It Just Me?


  1. Anonymous8:20 pm

    I don't remember meeting any dwarves...

  2. Assume that is you Vik. She became quite involved in 'the community', so I just though you may have come across her. Margo would have kinda stood out. I was going to send the link directly to you. Hope you have a listen. There was so much agin her, and it seems she has risen above it all.

  3. A resident I looked after the other night on night shift listens to podcasts from the USA. I was interested and lisetend with him at 3am to some great subjects. No wonder he likes to sleep all day, he listens to these things all night :(

  4. "He sounded nice but being sentenced to eighty lashes and then being raped probably wasn't much fun."

    I know a few people who'd pay good money for it though.

  5. Anonymous12:35 pm

    How perverse- whipping then raping for homosexuality.

    I just listened to a couple of the "is it just me?" podcasts and have been laughing my woman-of-a-certain-age head off. Pity that it seems to have discontinued in 2008.

  6. Cazzie, Dame M had her talking books. They were marvellous for her towards the end.

    No surprise about who you know Brian.

    Well RJ, he didn't actually get whipped. He was stopped by a religious person for chewing gum during Ramadan, threatened with the whipping and forced to choose the alternative punishment.

  7. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Yeah, sorry that was me - forgot to write my name! Vik.

  8. I was going to say something serious till i forgot what it was after reading Brian's comment...!!

  9. THEY'RE BACK!!! Helen and Ange have a new Is It Just Me? podcast that arrived in my itunes today. I so missed hearing their manic cackling. YAY!

  10. Thanks Fenz. Not on the ABC website though. Last one was Ep 16.

  11. really? hmmm. Well it's deffo back, my itunes subscription thing updated itself and the ladies were once again in my life. YAY!
    Try this:

  12. Got it Fenz. Can on listen online. It is buried somewhere that I cannot find. No doubt it will go up soon.


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