Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The present occupant of Raheen is on his deathbed by the sound of it and tributes are flowing in. Funny, I remember him as being a crook and a reversed Robin Hood. See what Lord Sedgwick has to say about him.

It only just struck me tonight that it is a bit odd that what once was a house owned by the Catholic Church, and where the infamous Archbishop Mannix lived, is owned and lived in by Jewish people. I reckon old Danny Mannix would be turning in his grave.


  1. That's an interesting building. The word 'Rosebud' springs to mind for some reason.

  2. The ACCC run by that criminalGraeme Samuels had it in for Pratt, who paid $36mill into govt coffers - I wonder what they did with it?
    OH! they paidit to all the frkn barristers who got rich off the case.
    If ALL the pricefixers were fixed, we would need more gaols.

  3. Mannix has been spinning so much in his grave, Andrew, that he's created his own time-space continuum (and a Black Hole just for laughs on Sundays).

  4. It was pale pink though wasn't it Brian? Well, I suppose the film was black and white, so we may never know.

    Price fixing is serious Ann. I am all for prosecuting.

    Jayne, I bet present day church leaders wish that they had his power and influence.....and mates.

  5. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Could be a humdigger of a bedside death scene with the young daughter and her mother Shari-Lea (hmmm) on one side of the bed, and Jeanne and the older siblings on the other.
    Or is it crass to even contemplate such things?

  6. Judge, I just read that they are visiting him. Fly on the wall stuff hey.