Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Questions for Father

'Dad, if a cat had was about to be attacked by a wild dog and there was a river, would the cat jump in the river to get away from the wild dog?'

'Probably not, it would try to run away'.

'Dad, if god sees everything, can he see you sitting on the toilet?'

I can't recall the answer.

'Dad, how can the universe go on forever? It has to stop somewhere.'

'And what do you think would be on the other side?'

'Dad, why do thingies get stiff?'

I can't recall the answer.

'Dad, Mr Holt (PM) has drowned. What will happen to us without him?'

'Nothing will change.'

'Dad, who is Nana Dorothy (The Bolter, Dad's mother)?'

'Your grandmother.'

'She is not very much like Grandma'.

'Dad, what is wrong with Mum that you go to that woman T?'

I can't recall the answer.

Not too long before he died the father son position is reversed, about 1998.

'Andrew, who is going to occupy all these office buildings and developments being built in Melbourne? There will be a big oversupply.'

'Yeah, Dad, I don't who will. There are too many'.

There was a brief period of oversupply at the time, but it was very brief.

No more questions from either side after that.


  1. Reversed, yes indeed.
    There is, for some of us, an awful moment, possibly early teens, when we realise that The Dad Does Not Know Everything.

    That was a wonderful post, and universal too.

  2. Ann, applies to both parents really. And then a bit later you find out they are failed people, as are we all.