Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Pratt is dead and buried

What a generous man was Richard Pratt. He gave so much to charities and the arts. Well, I am not so sure how much he gave to the really poor in our society, the ones who fall through all safety nets, but no matter, his intentions were good. He could afford to give money since he had so much of it. I can't recall seeing him serving in a soup kitchen caravan.

He gave generously to the areas the middle and upper classes are interested in. Even a working class boi like me has been a beneficiary of his largess to the arts by way of subsidised theatre. (Andrew waves to Jeanie across the theatre seats)

Society seems to think that through cartel behaviour, a cent here or a cent there does not matter for the individual consumer who bought goods with an inflated packaging component, and it probably didn't, individually. Collectively it added up to a very large sum of money. But we shan't pillory him for ripping each of us off for a few cents will we.

Pratt was a bit of a reverse Robin Hood really, take from the poor and give to the rich, or at least the comfortable.

I am reminded of the very old biblical saying which I will reconstruct to suit my purpose.

It is easier for for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.

Dick, you may have to do a bit of clawing to get in.


  1. a price-fixing cartel needs more than one player, so why wasn't the Amcor CEO up on charges also?

    re 'heaven' - he had a pretty good time on earth ...

  2. You have said everything I would have wanted to say, so I do not need to add to any of it Andrew. What a crock they were speaking about him on the radiop today..I should have been asleep by all accounts :(

  3. No idea who he was...but he sounds like a typical pratt.

  4. Immunity granted because he dobbed I suppose Ann. Could also be that Amcor is listed on the Stock Exchange while Pratt's company was private.

    Cazzie, I am surprised at the total praise going towards him from almost every direction.

    Pratt maybe Brian, but not stupid. He was very very rich.

  5. Total hypocrisy the rubbish offering of a state funeral ffs.
    They going to do the same for Alan Bond? Did they offer one for Christopher bloody Skase?

  6. It is downright hypocrisy Jayne. I am surprised that pollies seem so out of tune with what people think....well, pollie out of tune with what people think is not that unusual really.

  7. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I don't think the Jews do Heaven.

  8. Quite astonishing, the lineup to farewell him at his funeral. Second only to that Princess of Wales woman really.

    Two major parties are sure going to miss his political donations.

  9. Amidst this sycophantic eulogising there's a wee bit of balance and context.

  10. Anon, they must have a mythical better place to go to though surely?

    Victor, I think of our neighbour in Balaclava who at the age sixty was collecting signatures on a petition for animal rights, and still is now when she is eighty. No awards or plaudits for her. I believe he gave a bit more to the Liberal Party than the Labor Party. No surprise.

    I can't read it now LS. Been to a neighbours for drinks. I have the newspaper and will read it tomorrow, but I can guess what it said.

  11. Ditto Andrew. I just don;t know why people cannot be honest. Sure, respect the dead but do not make out like everything was just wonderful all the time.

  12. A state funeral for a crim...ah well when you look at who gets state funerals mainly it is the crims like Packer (of Goanna fame)...rarely a goodie slips in but only if it looks good on the chin of the premier or primeminister and co

  13. MC, I would guess you can just remember Askin. I suppose he would have received a state funeral too.