Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lady of the Swamp Update 2

A new comment has been added to Lady of the Swamp Update.

It reads

I posted some comments on your blog about a year ago and have some great news! Tullaree is open to the public once only on Sat 2 May between 10am-4pm (fund raiser for a local school). There will be historical displays, music & associated food, suggest all those curious about Lady of the Swamp cancel all other engagements.

Rob from Walhalla

The original post is here and the update here.


  1. Link to the whole story at Austn Biog Online Dictionary.
    Thanks Andrew, just amazing.
    I now have to study the Clement BDMs to see if Margaret is from the same Clements as your grandfather's grandmother.
    Spooky, Possums.

  2. Ann, I did post the link to the same in the original post, but it wasn't a very clear link. I can remember some of Margaret Clements antecedents and I doubt there is a connection, but stranger things....

  3. Awesome stuff Andrew... ought to be a great outing for you then :)

  4. I probably can't get the broomstick there but I trust you to take scads of photos to share with us all, Andrew!

  5. Jayne and Cazzie, while I would love to see the house, I just cannot fit it in.


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