Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Journey

We took a day trip this easter Friday. I will guess that only Ann O'Dyne will guess the locations in the photos. The first three photos show where we stopped to stretch our legs and have some coffee. It is a lovely and pretty little country town.

The last photo shows a view at our destination. The view has been obscured lately by the growing cypress plantation.


  1. Is it somewhere in Suffolk?

  2. Anonymous2:00 am

    I'm guessing you went to the Youyangs...or perhaps somewhere else in the west.

  3. Mexico City? No...wait...hold on, New Orleans? Give me a minute...I'll get it shortly...

  4. It was clearly a day-trip most pleasant.
    The 2-storey 1880 bluestone could be anywhere from Winchelsea to Wickcliffe, the grassy hill could be Mt.Leura but the main street isn't, although I love the tiny clock tower - so rare for a council to have fiscal restraint.
    Were you in the heritage-listed crater lakes area outside Colac?
    That's a long day-trip, but I could drive for hours all over our West.
    The Royal Hotel at Dunkeld is a gorgeous place worth the long drive; and Avoca is too - WINERIES!.

  5. Err, no Brian. It isn't.

    Certainly west Reuben.

    Inverleigh Ann. Very pretty. And the side of Mount Elephant.

  6. Tres pretty!
    I haven't been up that way for many years (which the locals find truly thankful and I hear they've trotted off to church again today to give thanks :P )

  7. Inverleigh! of course.
    I have driven the road around Mt.Elephant several times to get from Bannockburn through to Shelford and Rokewood.

    The CWA ladies have a Saturday morning stall outside the General Store, and there is a good opshop in a church hall, and across the road, on the side of that bluestone hotel, is a great bric-a-brac shop.

    2. Melbourne blogger Scribbles has a great story overheard on a tram - do visit her for drugs knives and police. Tell her Brownie sent ya.

  8. Right...I think I've got it now. It's Cardiff isn't it?

  9. Nice pictures. Something comforting about a mountain named Elephant.

  10. They do tend to be church goers Jayne, and very much conservative voters.

    I knew you would be familiar with Inverleigh Ann. I will look at scribble tomorrow Ann. I am very tired.

    Bit further south Brian, but you are getting closer.

    Ozfemme, Mount Elephant has an interesting history and an interesting future. I may post about it soon. Hope you didn't step on anything nasty in the stables.

  11. South east now Brian, a good way.