Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gird your loins girls

Gird you loins girls and get out to learn some self defence, especially against evil men that seem to be everywhere.

A GOLD Coast nurse with a black belt in martial arts turned the tables on her assailant breaking his arm when he tried to steal her car.

Nurse Beth Gascoine, 28, has been praised by police after fending off the violent knife attack in an empty Mermaid Beach car park yesterday.

The nurse went on to suggest that all women should learn martial arts to protect themselves against such assaults.

No Ms tough Nursie, women should not learn martial arts to protect themselves. I should not learn martial arts to protect myself. No one should learn martial arts to protect themselves. We should be living in a society where we don't need to learn self defence, carry knives and guns or other defensive weapons to protect ourselves.

The more defensive we become, the more high walls put up and locked gates erected, the more suspicious of others we become, then the more the need for self defence will arise.

With an efficient and well resourced police force and a bit of trust in our fellow humans, we shouldn't need to be thinking of self defence.

Now Ms Nursie, was you car worth putting your life at risk?


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  2. FG, you are safe here. I only allow nice people and nice comments. Yes re the insurance and do not harm, although that is the doctor's oath isn't it? OK, I will wear that she was perhaps in a dubious place, but we should not have dubious places.

  3. I agree once again with you Andrew.. my car/s, my purse, my watch..aint worth it. But, and there is always a but, my kids are worth it... I'd do a Miss Congeniality manouvre on the assailant if they tried anything on me in front of my kids. Have you seen the flick? The manouvre acronym was SING.

  4. Actually, second thoughts.. I'd walk away..and teach the kids to remove themselves from threat if need be..yes, that is what I would do.

  5. "The more defensive we become, the more high walls put up and locked gates erected, the more suspicious of others we become, then the more the need for self defence will arise."

    Followed by guns, knives and other weapons to be used in a purely defensive manner, of course, and then...well...eventually, where would we be?


    I totally concur with you on this one Andrew.

  6. With you there Cazzie. Get the hell away.

    Speaking of weapons Brian, have got rid of the nuisance neighbour? A bit of violence might move them on.

  7. Anonymous3:17 pm

    I'm sorry FG Marshall-Stacks but I have to say something. Why does it matter what time of day it was or if the carpack was deserted? No woman should be asked that question in this day and age! Would you have asked a man the same question?

    Andrew, you're describing an ideal world - a utopia - where everyone can be trusted and no-one needs to worry about defending themselves. As you know, I'm not a rampant feminist, nor do I advocate violence or weapons, but we don't live in a utopia and unfortunately, many people - both male and female - find themselves in situations where they are in personal danger. It's not always possible to flee, though that would be my first choice. And maybe I wouldn't care about a car being nicked but there are situations where I would fight to the death, if necessary, despite having absolutely no self-defence training. Vik.

  8. 37 ?
    work in govt dept ?
    probably has law degree.
    Generation XYZ .. Generation Zero if you ask me


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