Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Getting R to work by PT

Just as an exercise, how long would it take R to get to work in Blackburn South? It takes him between 35 and 40 minutes now door to door in his car.

I am assuming everything will run to time, there not be cancellations and that he will arrive at work at 7.00am, as he now does. Obviously he now leaves home at 6.20 to drive to work.

Here is the pick, arrive 7.03 at his workplace.

He would leave home no later than 5.50 to catch a tram to Flinders Street Station. He would catch the 6.08 Lilydale train then change to a bus at Box Hill and after a ten minute wait, would catch the 732 bus to his work, alight at work at 703.

40 mins by car, 1hour 13 mins by public transport. I thought it might have been worse than that, but even so, going by public transport is really not a viable option for him.


  1. Golly the ol' 732! I used to catch it home from school, from Sweetland rd down Middlebourgh rd to Fulton rd, on the days I didn't ride my bike.

  2. Suppose the buses would be little different to those you travelled in Ian.

  3. Public transport isn't a viable option for most. It takes me 30 minutes (in round figures) to get from Carlton to Richmond in the morning by car, or 55 minutes by tram. Getting home takes 40 minutes by car and about an hour by tram, both suburbs skirt the city yet aren't connected for where I need to be... Where's my Hoddle Street tram damn it?

  4. The bus drivers were old and grumpy, I remember that, probably trained in customer relations nowadays, Ventura Lines, the operator then and now, how much the fare was I can't recall, but you did actually pay the driver. Maybe it was something like 30c? circa 1982 but I'm just guessin.

  5. for me to go to uni or work, door to door on public transport, is almost an hour. To ride my bike takes me 35 mins to uni and 20 mins to work. Much nicer indeed.

  6. From my day to day experience, I can say that most bus drivers do not give the appearance that they are trained in customer service. There are still many grumpy ones around too. And given some of what I have seen them put up with from the travelling public, I don't blame them.

    I find that most of the extra time taken by public transport journeys is in the waiting time. The actual time spent moving is often comparable to or better than driving. It is the bits before and in between that are the problem.

  7. A lack of a tram in Hoddle Street has a long history Mutant, but there ought have been one. I am a bad offender for not using PT for work. But I must be at work on time and I work odd hours.

    They are pretty well all very nice and friendly now Ian, so R tells me as he uses the bus when at work.

    And benefits your health too Fenz. Avoid a motor car for as long as you can.

    Quite right about the waiting time Ben. Frequency of service is what good public transport is about. A wise person once told me that if you can see a tram or bus that you have missed in the far distance, you should be able to one in the distance approaching. I don't know about grumpy bus drivers. I never feel the need to interact with them. I say hello when I get on and if they reply, I give them a wave in the mirror as I get off. Not too many reply, but does not worry me at all.

  8. well it's been 4 years without one now, 2 in London and 2 here and I've survived so far. I think I can manage it for a while longer yet :)