Monday, April 27, 2009

Get my hands off it, and TMI

I couldn't leave it alone could I. I could feel a tiny lump on my face. Feels like a pimple. I will see what I can do. Bit of a squeeze and nothing. Must be deep. A harder squeeze, nothing.

Next morning a bit of a swelling. Could I leave it alone and let it do its stuff on its own. No, worry it a bit more. Nothing.

Following morning, a full on infection, caused entirely by me. Side of lower jaw swollen. Face looks unbalanced.

A week and a half later, stab it with sharp sterilized implement to drain it.

Getting on for two weeks later, it is finally starting to disappear. I managed to not touch it for three days after the stabbing. But, I couldn't help myself today. Hope I haven't set its healing back.

In a Qantas office today, I sat so the attending lass could only see the good side of my face. Handsome devil, she was probably thinking. She could not see the one metre square pimple on the other side and that from another angle, I was more hideous than Elephant Man.

But still, it is kinda nice to get all anxty about a pimple, just like a teenager. Well, not so sure about a pimple. I don't know what a carbuncle is, but I am sure it is more that, or perhaps a cyst. Hideous!

Now any volunteers to squeeze the blackheads on my back?


  1. I just finished watching an X-File episode with something just like that. It got really big and exploded and infected anyone within 3 feet of the ejected globules of crud.

  2. Next time, a hot washcloth for a few minutes then a short massage to get the circulation moving to remove the crud and keep doing this until it disappears.

    If it had been anywhere else, on something really important, you wouldn't have stabbed it at all.

  3. Freaky shit. I'd have done the same thing though. I can't ever leave anything alone. I have to pick, stab, poke and prod in an attempt to correct it, inevitably making the whole thing worse! My scarred body is testament to this.

    Just as an aside though, I don't mind getting stuck into blackheads... should you need it.

  4. Revolting Jahteh. Anywhere else, I would have left it well alone.

    Yeah right Mutant, like I am going to lie face down on a bed unclothed with you hovering above me. And then what........

  5. Me me me! I love that stuff!
    Poor Andrew... I know how it is when you cannot help but touch something so obvious. When you go to touch... make sure your hands are well cleansed :) The bill is on the mail LOL

  6. QANTAS office eh. Going on holiday?

    I'm a squeezer too I'm afraid. Have walked around scared as a result, not a good look. Somewhere along the line in my teen years I worked out that if I actually washed my face every now and then that the pimples and blackheads would not be so bad.

  7. Hydrogen peroxide when next you fiddle and poke and stab - will head off any infection ;)

  8. Wash hands Cazzie? Ohhh. Send the bill. I know you are cheap.

    Maybe Ben. More later. Phisohex is
    what we used to have to wash our faces with.

    Ah Jayne, my days of peroxide have long past.