Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forthcoming Holiday

Last year I said to R, we must repaint the apartment next year when we are on holidays. He agreed. This year, neither of us seem so inclined when we are both on holidays in June.

We have to use up the Qantas compensation voucher for $300. We can't afford to do anything too expensive. There is a recession hey, and I am always recessed. Most Aussie capital cities you need a car, but not Sydney or Melbourne.

We shall go to Sydney then. R agreed, but only if we could do somethings a bit different to the past, especially when we were with his rels and had to show them the sights, three times.

So, no Bondi Beach, no ferry to Manly, no Darling Harbour, no Monorail, no Chinese Garden, no ferry to Parramatta, no Oxford Street, no Queen Victoria building, no Blue Mountains, no Opera House, no Bridge, no Rocks.

Had a thought to go to Taronga Zoo, but at $40 pp, I am not so sure.

We have seen Sydney aquarium but in the early nineties, so that is on the list.

Lunch at Watson's Bay Hotel is on the list.

A tram ride to Lilyfield.

Sydney Museum.

Powerhouse Museum.

Tram museum at Mount Loftus, including a tram ride on an old Sydney tram.

A visit to the house where my paternal grandmother lived in Balmain. We did see it once by car in the early eighties, but like to see it again. That will be a ferry or bus trip. I recall writing a post about a nice pub in Balmain with views.

I have already posted elsewhere for suggestions for a nice train trip with views. North Shore line has been suggested, and a trip to Hornsby.

A visit to Observatory Park.

See Balmoral Beach.

Never walked through China Town, so probably will do that.

Ok, I am up for suggestions you Sydneysiders, or those with knowledge.


  1. I would think the train to Loftus for the Tram Museum would constitute a scenic train trip. May not be as scenic as the North Shore line (frankly I don't travel on either of them so am not best qualified to comment) but it is a long trip that crosses several rivers by bridge.

    The walk along the coast from Bondi Beach to Coogee or reverse is scenic and also passes through a historic cemetery. There are bus routes at either end for to/from city travel. You could cut the journey down to Bronte if you don't want the full two hours wander. At Bondi Beach you can get into Icebergs Club for a drink and a meal as a visitor and the outlook there over the beach is terrific.

    Paddy's Market is alongside Chinatown if markets interest you. Paddington Market is popular on Saturdays and Bondi Beach Markets on Sunday.

    A day up at Katoomba (also a train trip) could be interesting (cold but interesting).

    I would be happy to catch up with you for coffee if you have time and the inclination.

  2. Thanks Victor. We would go to Mount Loftus by train. I like the Bondi to Coogee walk idea. R lived in Coogee in the seventies when he first arrived in Australia. Maybe revist where he lived. He worked at Grace Bros, Bondi Junction and some place in Rose Bay where he used to watch the Catalina flying boats come and go. Prob get the ferry to Watsons Bay and bus back, or vice versa. Icebergs I know about and sounds good. Done Paddy's Market and Paddo Market and Bondi Market and Blue Mountains five times. Meeting you was on my mind, but be warned, my record on meeting blog mates is zilch, mainly 'coz it is a lot to put onto R. Send me an email with your mobile number before June anyway. Coffee would be nice. I will text.

  3. Anonymous11:09 pm

    The Sydney Conservatorium of Music.Macquarie St.. close to the Opera House there.
    The Arthouse Hotel. 275 Pitt St Sydney.
    Avoid... The Taxi Club, LOL.
    That is all :)


  4. I was totally spun out when I discovered Observatory Park, I sat there for about half an hour just taking in the view. The actual observatory is worth a look too if you are interested in that kind of thing.

    At Watsons Bay take a walk along the cliff top, the view across Sydney Heads is unreal. But only if you are feeling energetic as it's al up hill from the pub. If you head south instead of north you come to a lighthouse, which is again all up hill.

    For scenic train trips I believe the Wollongong train will take you along some spectacular coastal scenery around Otford, Stanwell Park and Coal Cliff. It is probably not worth heading all the way to Wollongong though. This one is on my to do list, some time in the future maybe.

    Take a bus to La Perouse, or any other random former tram terminus.

    Is it Norton Street in Leichardt which is meant to be the main Italian cafe strip like Lygon Street in Melbourne? That could be interesting.

  5. Book in to see the Little River Band, which is one of the best shows around, as Dr Denham and Sister Scott used to tell us with unfaltering repetition on the Young Doctors week after week.

  6. The aquarium is pretty damn expensive too.

    The Maritime museum is pretty nice and that's free. Getting on the ships cost money though.

    The Australia museum near Hyde Park is pretty cool.

  7. Ben's suggestion of Norton Street Leichhardt fits in with your tram trip to Lilyfield. It would be a 20/30 minute walk to the main part of Norton Street from the Lilyfield terminus. You could return to the city by the tram or by bus from Leichhardt.

    The Australian Museum is free.

    There is also the Art Gallery in the Domain, with the nearby Botanic Gardens and the Mitchell Library.

    You might want to try a Gourmet Safari - although I think you have to book well ahead for those. The website is

  8. ...and of course if you decide to spend big, one of the best things you can do is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

  9. OMG that was a blast from the past, Brian!

    I got nothing, last time I ventured up there tall ships were crowding the harbour and I had a 6 week old :P

  10. Conservatorium is out of left field Cazzie. I'll find out more. No intention of going near the Taxi Club.

    Well Ben, up hill or down hill is very much on the par for Sydney. I should start training. The Watsons Bay walk sounds good...before lunch and drinks I think. I will look at a trip towards Wollongong. La Perouse would be be nice but I thought to combine an old tram route with a nice beach by going to Balmoral Beach.

    Brian, wot Jayne said.

    A few more consider, thanks Dina. I think I would get more value from the aquarium that the zoo.

    Ah yeah Victor, Norton Street...used to have a tram along it. Gourmet Safari sounds expensive. We take a look. I am not going to climb the bridge, expensive or not.

    Lucky you have kept your body as trim as it was back then Jayne.

  11. Many suggestions allready though I can add:

    Take the bus from Wynyard to the Spit and walk the harbour foreshore round to Manly, catch the ferry back to Circular Quay.

    Catch the rivercat up the Parramatta River and explore historic Parramatta including Elizabeth Farm and The Old Government House.

    There are some nice beaches round the Eastern suburbs, Parsley Bay and Nelson Park to name two.
    Some historic houses, Elizabeth Bay house, Vaucluse house.

    If you want to do any shopping Bondi Junction has apparently come come up in the world in recent years. (Hard to believe but I think it's true)

    Tram exhibition at The Museum of Sydney will be well worth a look.

    Happy travels!

  12. That walk sounds nice too Ian. Done Parramatta by cat already and looked at gov house. Reminded me of Dandenong, the trip was nice though. Beaches noted. I should have had on my own list Elizabeth Bay House. I will avoid Bondi Junction I think. Be enough looking at shops at various places. Tram exhibition is on the list too.

  13. Snorting and choking at your comment- you may clean the coffee off the monitor :P

  14. Which of us are as trim as we were when we were young. Easy guess.