Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ferry Bridge

Oh dear, my problem has recurred. I have become Sydney focused. I fight against it, but it overwhelms me at times. Well, Sydney is on my mind for a personal reason. A post on that later.

A Sydney ferry crashed into some rocks recently. Management immediately took any blame from the driver, or should that be pilot, whatever, the person who steers, and blamed a faulty clutch. A little later, they unblamed the clutch and I have no further information. It is an old ferry. Nostalgia is all very well, but not if you want to get somewhere in a safely, in good time and in comfort.

Perhaps the Lady Northcott will suffer the fate of the ferry Dee Why. In the second pic you can see her sailing merrily along, not thinking of her fate and perhaps wondering what impact this weird structure behind her will have.


  1. "Management immediately took any blame from the driver, or should that be pilot...?"

    Possibly skipper, if I remember my Old Man's nautical lingo correctly.

  2. A marine archaeologist would have a field day in that Sydney puddle :P

  3. Nothing wrong with being Sydney focused.

  4. I absolutely love going on the ferry's around Sydney Harbour. My faviourite ride yet was to Manly...ahhh, lovely.
    What was awesome was the fact that my train and bus ticket covered that ferry ride, AND, I got to see a gorgeous part of the country. Just too cool.

  5. Ferry master perhaps? I read the now privatised Manly fast ferry is not going too well.

  6. What did Alan Hale have to with our ferries Brian?

    He or she wouldn't be game to into the water Jayne.

    No bias then Victor?

    Yep Cazzie. It is a special trip for all visitors to Sydney.

    Ben, I think you are right about Master. While I know about the privatised ferry, it has fallen off my horizon and I need to investigate.

  7. 'Alan Hale' ? Brian didn't mention Alan Ha .... Oh! The Skipper!

    bwha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. the right bloody link

    I was laughing too much to get it right, and singing "The Minnow would be lost ..."

  9. Thanks for the link Ann. Gee he was in a lot of movies and shows. I didn't think Brian would understand the name and the connection but I knew someone would.