Friday, April 10, 2009

Dr Who

Well, this post has been hanging around for a while, like October last year. It must have been when the last series of Doctor Who finished and I expect I was going to state my approval, well mega approval of Tennant as Doctor Who. He was in Brian's neck of the woods in 2007 and in front of a huge crowd, turned on the Blackpool Illuminations.

I can't really recall what I was going to write, but I really enjoyed the last series of Doctor Who. I eagerly await the next series with a new Doctor.

I probably liked the series with Billie Piper in it best. They have been rebroadcast and I have them all sitting on the digital recorder, but neither R nor myself seem to want to watch them again. Is an episode of Doctor Who something you only want to see once? For me, most tv shows are like this.

I tried to connect with Torchwood, but it just did not work for me.

Dr Who has been in my life since I was kid. For a long time I think it was the 6.30 tv show that led into ABC news, although I think each episode may have been short of the half hour. It is certainly a very slick production now, unlike the older series. Eccleston was a good Doctor, but I think Tennant really is the best there has been and will take some beating in the future.

This is not one of my best posts, I know. You were probably expecting something far more interesting. But it sat too long unattended and I just forget what I was going to write.


  1. "He was in Brian's neck of the woods in 2007..."

    He's always hanging around our gaff. Last time K9 leaked oil all over the settee so I had to ban him from coming back.

    "Dr Who has been in my life since I was kid."

    Ditto. Patrick Troughton was probably my favourite...although Zoey, his nubile assistant, might have had a lot to do with that.

  2. the next instalment airs on Saturday in the UK, so I will be up early to kick off my download on Sunday. Can't wait, the trailer of the episode looks good!

  3. I agree. Troughton was teh best. And I'm glad Tennant's leaving; perhaps they can focus on getting the UK's sexiest female actor in place, as they had the male version with Tennant.

  4. I just love the whole intelligence behind the concept of Doctor Who, but it's a tad ironic that when it was on a shoestring budget it aired 4 nights a week, 30 mins episodes, throughout the year but now that it's uber-financed from UK and Canada each series is only 13 episodes of barely 60 mins.

  5. You sure it is oil Brian?

    I'll just wait patiently for it Fenz.

    Not sure if Tennant is as hot as everyone thinks Reuben. I don't want a female Doctor. Well, perhaps if she had a hot male sidekick.

    Quite so Jayne. I guess they spend extra money on non wobbling sets.

  6. I must admit that I have never seen a single episode of Dr Who. I don't know why it is that I have never had any curiousity about this series.

  7. hah, i don't have a patient bone in my body, i had them all removed

  8. It's the lighting.
    That's where the extra money has been spent.
    The original series had one 40w globe for the entire set.

    and wages.
    the actors get more now.
    and the daleks are unionised now of course, so them too.
    I wish I had one of those phoneboxes.

  9. Yeah Ann, the lighting was excruciating. No point you having a Tardis. You would only go back to the sixties and stay there.

  10. Victor, Doctor Who did quite wash over me until the latest re-invention. Good fun and some clever humour.

  11. 'Torchwood' should only have been seen on ABC not channel 10 and then we would have enjoyed it more.

  12. I think I watched one episode on ten and gave up then Jahteh. But really, the show did not work for me.