Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Don't do what I do

Full article here, but here is a snip from the Herald Sun.

FIFTEEN per cent of Aussie parents have used a handheld mobile phone while driving with their children in the car, a survey found.
This disturbs me muchly and I observe it often. Especially prone are blonde women in 4WDs with their children they have just picked up from school. There will be whole generation of children who think talking on a mobile phone while driving is normal.

Grossly irresponsible parental behaviour. I can only hope the kids see their parents get prosecuted.


  1. Personally I'd prefer to see the mobiles shoved where the sun doesn't shine just to remind the air-head idiots everytime they park their arses in their vehicles.

  2. In a week which had the news of a breastfeeding drunken-driver-mom ...

    O.T.O. May I say on behalf of those who had motherhood thrust upon them, that being impregnated and then delivering an infant into this world, DOES NOT include automatically
    A Nurturing Component.
    Why would it?

    The NC has to already be In Place, generally as a result of having 'Been Nurtured'.

    and sadly, not everyone has been.

    ALL the ills of society can be traced back to poor mothering.

  3. oh Jayne! I love your
    Rectal-Reminder Unit suggestion.

    That O.T.O in the Ann oD comment probably means
    On The Other Hand ...

  4. Updated Sun Apr 5, 2009 8:51am AEST

    An Alice Springs woman has been pulled over and charged for breastfeeding her baby while driving.

    Police say the 19-year-old also failed to give way and when checked, turned out to be driving while her licence was disqualified.

    They also charged her with driving uninsured, and failing to restrain her baby.

    She is due to face court on April 24.

  5. Does it even matter that she has a child in her car? Because even if she didn't...she might hit another car with a child in it.

    It really pisses me off.

    It's one thing putting yourself in danger. It's a hundred times worse to put your child in danger and/or everyone else on the road in danger as well.

  6. Thank Goodness I am not blonde..and, umm, I haven't got my 4wd right now due to it being a LEMON!
    But, I never ever use my hand held phone whilst I drive. I have seen what can happen to people who do..and to people who take too much notice of their TOM TOM's instructions instead of watching the road! That is another arguement all together..yet it still involves fatal errors..which can be avoided.

  7. "There will be whole generation of children who think talking on a mobile phone while driving is normal."

    It is. It's not sensible and it's not legal, but it is, unfortunately, normal.

  8. Good idea Jayne. Make them irretrievable once in the car.

    I hear what you are saying Ann. You have referenced on your own blog I think. Why not write an expanded version.

    No mention of the colour of her skin then FG MS?

    Dina, I have no idea of the laws or attitude to using cell phones in the US while driving. Care to give a brief explanation?

    Sat Nav will be the big next problem I think Cazzie...well is already. Bad biz about you motor.

    I don't recall seeing anyone using a mobile phone in the UK while driving Brian. More likely they were texting.

  9. Andrew,

    From what I know....

    The laws vary from state to state. The attitude is mixed.

    I'm guessing it's legal in Texas because I see people doing it all the time.

  10. Thanks Dina. I thing the road laws in the US must vary even more than ours do here.