Saturday, April 25, 2009

Digger's Day, once again

I was framing a bitter old man post in my head about Anzac Day. I am really fed up with it. Kids and very young men, who were not sacrificing themselves for their country, but going off on an adventure when they were too young and unworldly to understand, sent by self serving politicians and people with vested interests. At least lambs don't volunteer to be slaughtered.

But I won't write such a post.

I will remind you that WWII was not all about us and them. The tragedy was not all about white people, or even Japanese. I direct you to a post by Terra Byte about his grandfather. You don't have to watch the music clips, but the link to Syonan-to educated me about somethings I did not know.


  1. agree absolutely with your first para.
    They still have my respect for coming out the other end of it, but you are right - my father entered WW2 at 17 claiming to be 19 and was in the RAAF stationed in England.
    His father enlisted from Hamilton for WW1 at 19 and was on The Hindenberg Line for a horrifying year.
    And don't get me started on bloody Minister For War R.G.Menzies and bloody Churchill.

  2. "The tragedy was not all about white people, or even Japanese."

    The clue's in the first 'W' of WWII really...

  3. Pig Iron Bob and Bloody Churchill were the two names I knew clearly as a child (thought they were distant rellies who never showed up to the family BBQs.

  4. Thank you Jayne: the 2 of them conspired to sacrifice Australian soldiers at Crete in 1942.
    knowingly sacrifice them to capture by the krauts.
    Try 4 Polish camp winters and see if you don't drink away the rest of your life in Australia when you've been lucky? enough to survive them.

  5. FG, the odd thing about me is that I never had any family in any war.

    Wise words Brian.

    Haha Jayne.

  6. I didn't post anything this year either but I'm pleased to see younger members of families marching. But only because they're marching for the right reasons, they know the truth of the carnage which we never did. We got fed the bullshit about King and Country but now the families can get on the internet and research the battles, the lists of the dead and see the photos of the trenches.

  7. Jahteh, it was all dying a natural death until Ruxton tried to stop kiddies marching. Perhaps he was not so stupid as I thought at the time. I would be happy enough to see it disappear with the death of the last living person directly connected and perhaps start a new one for Korean onwards.

  8. one of your ancestors signed up for duty on 19 aug 1914. His 46-page war record shows he was Number 731, and he was 6ft 1 inch tall and he died at Gallipoli and is buried at the Lone Pine cemetery. dead at 25, with a photo in his pocket labelled carefully, so that it was to go to a girl in St.Kilda if he died. he did, and it was sent to the girl.
    His mother, a widow, had 3 other sons over there fighting st the same time.
    Imagine how she felt.
    fighting for bloody wops.
    If all the germans and all the turks had killed each other, the war would have been a good thing.