Monday, April 06, 2009

Crook Track

Did I tell you I have just been to Calcutta to take photos of their tram system? Well, I didn't tell you that because I haven't. No, this picture is taken outside the highrise on a curve, but you could well be mistaken into thinking this is what a third world country's tram tracks might look like.

Eventually some little man in the dark of night will come along and make a repair with his welding machine. Highrise residents get quite naff if concrete has to be jack hammered out at night, but this is rare.

After it is repaired, another break will appear a short distance away, which will eventually get repaired and then the original repair will break again and so forth. The trams make quite a bang as they drop when they hit the cracks.

I suppose it is safe. Yarra Trams assures us that its tracks are well maintained. It just doesn't really look like it at times. It's the old story, perception.


  1. Cracks?
    I have a crack in a tooth's crown.
    Costly repair too.
    Dentists warns against grain breads and husks of brown rice.
    It Is Impossible To Eat Healthy.

  2. The whole of our tram system's undergoing repairs again. It goes down more often than Pamela Anderson on a home made video.

  3. The analogy police have been notified, Brian.

    You should come up to Melb. uni's Swanston Street tram terminus. It's madness; tracks everywhere, discoordinated signalling and a planning department that's (as usual) unaccountable, bureaucratic and in desperate need of some liquidation.

  4. She's a trooper, Brian, keeps her end up (or down) despite the strain she's put on her lower mandible :P

    Cracks in tracks?
    Or tracks in cracks?
    Again, see Pammy for her expertise in these matters...:P

  5. Is there a fault line underneath? Maybe you should move.

  6. Can I lend you a blender Ann?

    Brian, if you would stop digging big holes, maybe the tracks will stay in alignment.

    Agree Reuben, it does not work well.

    Very witty Jayne.

    God, I hope not Daisy. We might fall to the ground.