Friday, March 06, 2009

Whoof and he is burned to a cinder almost.

Three year, with parole, period of detention, isolated from other prisoners, for four men who doused a mentally disabled man in petrol and torched him and his house. He went up like a Hindu widow, but did not die. The victim's eyelids and lips have been removed, maybe his ears will have to go too.

Oh for the days of eye for an eye. But that is not very civilised.

If a jury can be trusted to decide guilt or innocence, why can't they be trusted to decide a sentence? I think if a jury decided a sentence in a case like above, the sentence would reflect societies views much closer to its expectations.

Some of you might think that there is a chance for rehabilitation for these men. For anyone do commit such an act, says to me that they are just bad bad people.


  1. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Like the rest of our great ignorant Australian public (who don't know the details of the case), I'm not particularly in any authority to pass judgment. It's abhorrent from what I hear, but I trust our legal system enough to know what's best.

  2. I accept the mild criticism Reuben and twenty years ago, I would have said the same. There would have been one or two ringleaders and yet all received the same. Actually, I think one is still to be sentenced. They did plead guilty to such an unspeakable act you know.

  3. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Death is the only appropriate sentence. Why should we pay to keep these people in prison so that we can be safe? It's a poor return on investment. Hopefully they OD in gaol.

  4. I am even more sickened to the stomach when I heard this in the NEWS today..pffft...what the hell is going on in the World?

  5. I hope your comments section doesn't start looking like commercial talk radio transcripts on this issue. I recognize the dilemma for you: although opposed to the death penalty, I can remember watching episodes of Great Crimes and Trials of the Twentieth Century and upon hearing that some monster from the 1930s had been hanged, couldn't help but mentally exclaim "Good!"

    I actually think the prospects for rehabilitation for this lot might be promising, despite the enormity of the crime.

  6. "I think if a jury decided a sentence in a case like above, the sentence would reflect societies views much closer to its expectations."

    Hear hear!

    "I trust our legal system enough to know what's best."

    That's because you've never been on the receiving end of it Reuben. I can't speak on behalf of the Australian system, but I wouldn't trust Britain's as far as I could throw it.

  7. It would just uncomplicate things so much Fitzroyalty.

    And you would know Cazzie how horrific the injuries must have been.

    All opinions are welcome Lad. Even those that say 'thanks for giving me the opportunity to make a comment'.

    Brian, as Reuben says, we did not sit through the trial, but time after time the community feels outrage when such lenient sentences are given, especially for violent crimes.

  8. In NSW this week a man convicted of sexual intercourse with a four years old girl received a two years suspended sentence and a two years good behaviour bond.

    It can be difficult to understand sentences Judges hand down.

  9. I saw that Victor. Are we missing something?

  10. I understand there's the whole following precedent etc they have to follow, but seriously, sometimes it would be better for judges/magistrates etc to say hang the precendent, what this person/these persons did was so wrong, I'm going to give them 10 years, or 20, or life, or death, or something that suits the crime. And this crime certainly was hideous. It made me ashamed of human beings and the things they can do to one another - boredom was one of the excuses? Shit, join a club, get a hobby, it's not up to innocent people to entertain you out of your boredom.

  11. String the little shits up by their balls, maybe they'll suddenly find being the form of entertainment to others isn't so great.

  12. Raelene, I am a bit behind with newspapers. Today I looked at the close ups of them and one to the far left may have looked dubious, but the others, I cannot see evil in them. I just do not understand.

    Your punishments are always wonderfully precise Jayne.