Sunday, March 22, 2009

Viewing London

From two different people's blogs in the last twenty four hours I have learnt that Google Maps finally has filmed and put up London. What fun looking around areas where we hung out. A street we were often in, Praed Street in Paddington is a major bus route and there are some photos to grab of articulated London buses before they disappear. In fact there are rather a lot of big red buses blocking rather a lot of the view.

Newcastle in the north has been done. Oh look, there is For Sale sign in front of one of R's sister's place. We did know it was up for sale, but it would be interesting news if we hadn't.

Alas Blackpool and Fleetwood has not yet been done so we cannot stalk Brian, so to speak.

From one blog mate, some images have had to be removed, such as man throwing up outside an East End pub, a man leaving a Soho sex shop and someone being arrested by the boys in blue. The face blurring system is not 100% reliable. Naturally there are many complaints rolling in.


  1. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Glad you've been enjoying it Andrew. I look forward to seeing Blackpool when it's up. Haven't been there for a while.
    I do remember the Praed Street area near Edgeware Road. Dont go there much now except for when I catch the Paddington train to Cornwall.
    But what a shame that the Google van happened to pass our house just as the builders were working in the front. Even several of our neighbours house fronts were festooned in scaffolding. How was it that no one was given any kind of warning. I'm sure many would have made the effort if only for posterity. Some old dear on a phone in show said that she got all her new curtains up just in time.

    I also noticed that as I travel down my road that after 2 or 3 clicks the weather takes a dramatic turn for the worse. I guess they must have documented our road over a couple of visits.

    Iv'e just been visiting a few of my old London lodgings. Lots of fun.

  2. oh wow, i read your blog and had to go find my old haunts and residences. *le sigh*
    How exciting, I can pretend visit London anytime I want now!!

  3. Somehow I strongly suspect that they'll never both with Fleetwood. Seeing as I'm the only person here who has access to the internet, there wouldn't be much point. Besides, it'd probably be quicker with my connection to stick my head out of the window.

  4. Oooooo I'll have to tell my friend to pop over to have a gander at her old stomping ground lol.

  5. 'Tis a pity David. I am not sure how often they will refilm, but I should think it would be more than a year. That would just be English weather wouldn't it? :-P

    It is not all about you Brian. It is for us to see you.

    Jayne, I think the Netherlands has been done too, if you friend ever went there.

  6. Good fun Fenz. Amazing what you forget about streetscapes.

  7. "It is not all about you Brian. It is for us to see you."

    That's what my website's for. I'm thinking of applying for a grant from the tourist board.

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