Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surrounded by Queens

On my way to work, I turn into Queens Lane from the car park. I drive along Queens Road, and then along Queens Way. Roads fit for a queen.

They would be named after the present queen, not the common garden variety Victoria.

But there seems to be a new queenie Road, according to Grand Prix Corp or Vic Roads. An electronic sign alerts me that Queens Road Drive is closed. This is just before Lakeside Drive, which is closed. I thought it might apply to the very short section between Queens Road and where the road joins Lakeside Drive, and it may well. But it not on Vic Roads map. It is not on the electronic or paper Melways. It is not on Google Maps. It is not on any map I can find. Google search does not help. City of Port Phillip knows nothing.

So, if you can help, is there another queen in my life? Not sure I really want one.


  1. And here I was thinking you didn't prefer monogamous relationships...

  2. Perhaps they've just named it because it's part of the drag which case it'd be a drag queen.

  3. Perhaps they're hoping to butter up Ddaannii and crown her queen as she's dated most of the drivers?
    Oh, wait, no; there's another title for that...

  4. I just come here to enjoy the drollery from Brian and Jayne
    (I guess Ddaannii is always in Pole Position on the grid)

    vvrrroom vroom!

  5. One sided monogamy is my preferred option Reuben.

    Star effer Jayne? Or just the plain old s word.

    Very witty Ann. No car noises pls. I can hear real ones.

  6. "Or just the plain old s word."

    Or just the plain old *sword*.

    (Sorry, that was just too swordid for words.)

  7. ... anyhow, the o'Dyne started it and then ran away.

    But back the more uplifting topic of queens.

    I'm old enough to remember a TV show hosted by Larry Nixon (another of the many 2nd rate American TV personalities who seemed get a lot of gigs downunder in the 60s and 70s) called "Lady for a Day", the OZ version of the US show, "Queen for a Day".

    This trivia gem brought to you by 'Too Much Time on One's Hands Pty. Ltd.'

  8. I know so many Queens and it would take me all day to name them :)
    I grew up going to the footy, Mum was in the Geelong cheersquad and then the Carlton cheersquad (Don't laugh!). Some of the people we sat with were Queens... and would you believe I still am the very best of friends with them to this day?
    Sadly, some of them have passed on, but I assure you they left their mark in my life and that of our friend's.
    After all, what would life be like without some fabulous people darling? :)

    Roads being closed must be driving you nuts this time of the year. Damn Grand Prix. I wonder if a sharp stiletto planted on the track would puncture one of those tyres!

  9. LS, even back then they couldn't use the word queen here!

    Alas Cazzie, I have broken my last pair of stilettos. Got a sparey?

  10. I blame the contracted road crews and their late-night sign placing hijinks.

  11. And couldn't they cause mayhem if they wanted to Rob.

  12. I've always wanted to copy what some kids did in the US a while back.

    They hacked into the traffic system signs and posted:


  13. Rob, I have seen a few altered electronic signs on the net. Disgruntled employees in charge of the sign can be very inventive.