Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random photos. Very heavy on dial up. Heavy on broadband even

I save photos in a very random manner. Here are many. No credit given, coz I can't recall.

The George Hotel in the background, behind the St Kilda to Brighton tram at the St Kilda railway station.
One of these peeps is our friend. The NT policeman cum politician of the first NT Parliament.

You would have all seen the koala getting a drink of water picture. Here is some photoshopping.

It gets bit chilly in Budapest.

This Sydney cutting was made for trams. How sad.
Guy with good hair from London Underground blog.

Your alighting platform will be modest at Alberton railway station.

I reckon this wedding would be a real hoot.

Lordy, you should see the bottom half of the photo.

I like mussels.
Wife talking to husband.

It has been hot here.
Never mind the Bendigo tram. Look at the gorgeous house behind.

Tempe is not far from the city of Sydney, in a south west direction and once had good public transport, in the form of trams.


  1. Status definitely compromised by this post.

  2. So that's you in the black and white photo, with the tash, looking a bit like Magnum's butler, is it, Andrew? I'm guessing here because he seems to be sans camera.

  3. Ahhh, the old Sydney tram depots. The Opera House is bulit on the site of an old tram depot.

  4. Phwoar!
    The chimneys on that house in the Bendigo tram pic are gorgeous.

  5. Sorry 'bout that Jahteh.

    No, I was barely born Brian.

    Indeed it is. And the Dowling Street Deopt where Moore Park Supa Centre is, and another that is full of old buses at Rozelle.

    A fine set of chimblys Jayne.

  6. I loved every single one of those images Andrew :)

  7. Ah but Cazzie, which held your eyes for the longest?

  8. Anonymous9:38 am

    Fascinating collection Andrew. Great idea for a post. I agree, that house is stunning and Jayne's right about the chimneys. I am intrigued by the NT photo. I'm guessing one of the guys in the front row.

  9. Thanks LiD. You are correct about the NT photo, but best I don't say anymore.