Tuesday, March 24, 2009


QBH sounds like a drug, such as GBH. The club known as QBH has built a history of violence. Just how it is. No blame to club attributed. Right place at right time. Large dance venue near a casino sounds like a bad recipe.

Authorities bang on about alcohol fueled violence and distract us from drugs. I have seen what drugs do to folks. It sometimes is not pretty. But authorities find it much easier to worry about too much beer and alcohol. I know alcohol. Excessive consumption of it does not allow you stay up all night, flirting with chicks, chatting to mates, getting nasty, getting paranoid, fighting with intent. It may do some of the above at some point, but the more you have, the quicker you will pass out. Not so with drugs. You will do all of the above and then go onto another venue.

I have been to QBH at least once. I recall very little for no other reason than it was a long time ago, shortly after it opened. I think it was a quite good and stylish venue, with a raised area to look down on dancers. Always the spectator is me.

QBH wasn't always QBH. It used to be the Queen's Bridge Hotel. R worked in the area at the time, in the International Mail Centre in the now disappeared Maffra Street. Not sure what he did, but it was a bludge and he often got bored. I recall Australian Customs was involved in his work.

There was a gate between the Mail Centre and the Queens Bridge Hotel. It was used often in working time by many of the staff. They did not go there to buy some pills, just to have a drink or five. I think quite a few staff celebratory dinners were held there too.

Melbourne is full of little bars, secreted off narrow laneways, some on top of buildings, some don't even have security guards, yet the same ones with umpteen guards keep having trouble. The large ones.

I will educate my younger readers by telling them to search for Croxton Park, Matthew Flinders, Burvale, South Side Six. You older folk will know these places.

These large venue inner city places are the mid burb venues of old. The difference now being drugs, and a mix of ethnic heritage and that they are located in areas where people have political or money influence. I am astonished how little trouble happens at these new venues, and when it does, it is filmed in bright technicolour.


  1. Strictly speaking, of course, alcohol is a drug...although nowhere near as devastating as the illegal drugs currently doing the rounds. We're in the process, as I type, of trying to get a drug dealer evicted from across the road. A quick whack round the back of his head with a cricket bat down a dark alley one night would probably be a better option than the legal route. Don't do drugs kids...otherwise you'll end up a total knobhead like that bloke opposite us.

  2. Drugwhacks in one's neighbourhood is a nocturnal nightmare of noise and traffic, that intensifies when other neighbours call Plod to deal with the fights in the street.
    The drugwhacks are not intimidated by Plod in the least.
    The legal term for the cricket bat solution is 'Self Help'.

    Yesterday's Australian news of Muslim bikies on a QANTAS flight swearing into their cellphones and killing each other at the luggage carousel on arrival would be hilarious if it wasn't true, and triggered by drug manufacture and distribution.

  3. and back on topic - the Queens Bridge Hotel had a very good reputation for its food in the early 90's.
    I am proud to say I have never been anywhere near that Gomorrah the Crown Casino.

  4. Croxton Park, Matthew Flinders, Burvale, South Side Six
    "Memories...light the corners of my mind....misty water-coloured memories
    of the way we were...."

    Yep, change the venue, update the players a little and you have the same old bucket of shyte just a different level.

  5. He would belong to the noise makers Brian?

    The so called bikies should have been stomped on as soon as they started any misbehaviour Ann. Crown.....where you never see a smile.

    Lol Jayne. It was a bit more innocent.

  6. I am with you Andrew, I immediately said, large group, drink and drugs = violence. I see it, and I see the coming down from it. Not nice to look at yourself in the mirror next day/afternoon and see stiletto marks in your forehead.

  7. Oh, what Brian said, yes alcohol is a drug, I ought to have said alcohol and illegal drug taking up there in my first comment. Then of course, as it has been said to me, "Illegal is a sick bird", funny when it had come out of the mouth of a then sick person!

  8. Andrew,

    Not so much noisy as just extremely foul-mouthed and aggressive when he can't afford his own fix. The man's a leech.

  9. Anonymous8:46 pm

    On TV tonight 9:30, Andrew Veniamin, an acquaintance of mine, who contrary to Underbelly fairytales, DID NOT DRINK.

  10. Anonymous9:57 pm

    My neighbours used to have cannabis plants in their window. Government Housed and bored, I suppose.

    Brian, surely you can just call up the local police to put an end to the business (that is, unless, Detective Donnelly is manning the station in which case you should give up any hope at all).

  11. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Seems lately here in Sydney more problems caused by excessive drinking - hence the lockouts and plastic cups these days.

    Give me a night out dancing on e & k any day. So much more fun. Especially when surrounded by hot sweaty topless hunks.....mmmmmmm!!!

  12. "Brian, surely you can just call up the local police to put an end to the business..."

    Been there, done that. We're now waiting for the eviction notice to be served..and waiting...and waiting...

  13. Reuben, no need to have it behind glass. Ours grew just fine outdoors.

    So agree Syd Anon. What happened to the drugs that made you love everyone?

  14. Was out Captain and missed it.

  15. Re Veniamin - Hitler didnt drink either.

    Brian: apres Le Plod, Le vengeance. take care.

    Jayne: "misty water-coloured memories" ?
    Rock At The Croc was more likely 'VB-coloured'

  16. Anonymous11:18 am

    Oh, the Burvale! I've not been there but stories of its erm, shall we say grandeur, have seeped through.

  17. Suppose it is still open MD. Don't care really. Many of them were band venues.

  18. Anonymous3:48 pm

    oh what clever logic, and Hitler adored children, so did Veniamin.

    Who remembers the George Tavern? It was in Grey street, just behind the George. What a hole. Semi-banishment for George intractables. It had only one rule, you weren't allowed to fall asleep. The beer was definitely off, something funny about it, nowhere else would you see part-filled glasses abandoned.

  19. Probably tasted similar to my home brew Captain.

  20. yeah what did happen to drugs that made you love everyone? I had some brilliant nights at QBH where we were all loved up, no fights, no aggro. *sigh* Those were the good old days.

  21. I am really too old to have gone to QBH, but I know what you mean. Peeps who haven't done it will never understand. And that is why drugs are dangerous!.