Friday, March 13, 2009

PT Moan 3/3 Investigating the Brighton Bus

The Brighton Antique Dealer is a regular user of the Melbourne Bus Link. She catches the 219 bus to go out and return home. It runs along Bay Street in Brighton with a very convenient stop for her. Although she is still mobile, she has a stair inclinator at home and uses an electric chair rather than walk long distances.

She was on about the bus service a few weeks ago, and it has taken me this long to check what she was talking about. It seems pretty obvious to me. She has called the bus company many times, but the problem still arises.

BAD said that the bus often just does not turn up when she is going out and often goes down a different street when she is coming home. She gets on really well with the drivers as she can be quite charming but she is one friend who I would never dare to cross. Her wrath would be heavy.

Now the problem. I looked at this map to work it out. BAD's complaint is about buses not coming along her street when they are scheduled to. I would guess that if the 219 bus is running late, it just turns down North Road to get to its terminus on time. By doing this, it could pick up at least ten minutes, if not more.

I will suggest to her that she always notes the time when a bus fails to appear or goes down the wrong street. I expect she will have done this already though.

It is not good enough if this happens regularly. If the bus does not have enough time to run its full route, then give it more time. Oh, that would cost money.


  1. I reckon they should scrap the whole Melbourne transport system and force everbody to use space hoppers. Not for transport, you understand...just as an expression of social kitch.

  2. Had to google space hopper Brian. I rather like the idea of everyone bouncing around to wherever they are going.

  3. Older and infirm people still have to get around the place to spend their money, and there is nothing about public transport that caters for them.
    For anybody not fit in every way, the sheer physical feat of getting onto bus or tram,is huge.
    It is easy to squawk about geriatrics behind the wheel endangering other drivers, but how else can they hunt and gather fer chrissakes.

    Now this deviant bus trick is clearly just the one driver guessing there will be no passenger at that stop. If she got his mobile number she could ring him like a taxi.

    I am in a new neighbourhood and have got a bus a lot in the past week. When I was on what I hadnt known was the final route, the driver very kindly brought me to my stop anyhow.
    Nice man.
    he said: I know you think this bus is going 2 more stops so I will take you there, but the 5:45 terminates here at the time point.
    They are not all bad.

  4. I do bounce around and I don't need a space hopper.

  5. The deviant bus driver did occur to me Ann, but they will at least be queried if someone complains. And the next day, a passenger will say to the driver, well the driver yesterday took me there. Worse if it happens to be a different driver. You can bet he will get a mouthful of abuse.

    Well, you are known for your bruises Jahteh. Rather good to bounce if you fall. Except you fall the wrong side up.

  6. Deviant bus drivers are everywhere. There is one on a bus route I catch regularly that thinks he is The Stig. He gets annoyed when people try to validate tickets because it slows him down, he just waves people on.

    An old man got on with ticket at the ready (well trained) and this driver just yelled at him to just sit down. Poor old man drops his ticket, and I could see driver begin to lose it. As soon as the man was on board, he shut the doors and took off. Poor old man nearly falls over. As my stop was the next stop, I pushed the button, driver now doubly pissed off. I thought it must have been the end of his shift, but I have this same driver a few times now and he is always like this.

  7. Perhaps he should look at alternative employment Ben. He sounds UNSUITED.

  8. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Brian's idea trumps Lynne Kosky's half-witted tunnel idea.

    The problem with Melbourne's bus routes is that they're spaghetti-like; non-linear and therefore inefficient. They're also privatised.

  9. Re buses Reuben, you are right, although the east west 500 buses (510, 508 maybe)don't seem to bad.