Friday, March 13, 2009

PT Moan 1/3: I want a seat

What can be done when trains regularly become more crowded? Overcrowded actually, to the point where no more people can fit in.

You might think, have bigger trains, or more saliently increase the service interval so that they arrive more often and are moving more people.

Ah, no, you are not thinking laterally.

Our train company, Connex, and our state government have the answer. Remove train seats so more people can fit in.

Many years ago, a friend said to me that she liked travelling on trams. They were nice and relaxed and friendly, with a conductor to help. She hated travelling on trains though. She thought they were like cattle cars. What would she think now?


  1. I like the Sydney trains because they have three levels of seats. I THINK we always found a seat. I'm not sure if we traveled during rush-hour though. I'm pretty sure we did. Maybe?

  2. the implied Contract between passenger and Con-Ex, is to Get You There.
    Just get you there. Not 'get you there in comfort'.
    If that were the case, we would have to define 'comfort', and for me that would be a recliner rocker and a gin & tonic.
    The afternoon trains out of SO.CRO. on the Ballarat line are standing-room-only all the way to Melton.

    some guy named Thomas Hobbes is known for saying 'life is short and brutish'.
    I have found this to be the case.
    Deal with it, people.

  3. Cattle road trains would surely cost less in ticket price?

  4. I like them too Dina, although there are some without aircon, which aren't great. We can't run them here because of overhead clearance at bridges etc. More foresight was used in Sydney.

    I don't want a contract Ann, implied or otherwise. Just a train with a little space for me. Seems I ask too much.

    And no aircon to break down Jayne.

  5. I liked the last 'let's blame the travellers' when a spokesdill said it was the fault of young women not having a proper breakfast that made them ill/fainting and stopping the trains.

  6. Baaa Baaa Cattle cars they are! When they are running, lol.

  7. Recall that Jahteh. Marvellously idiotic.

    Not enough of them Cazzie, but even so, some don't run.

  8. The NSW Government addressed the problem of late running trains by having fewer services an hour and by scheduling longer stops at all the city stations. The trips are now scheduled to take longer than they did for the same services in the 1920s.

    Noone other than Government Ministers and spokespersons understands the rationale.

  9. I think it is the same here Victor. In a hundred years, the trains still take the same time, or longer.

  10. Anonymous2:10 pm

    The Sydney trains' main design flaw in regards to the seating is boarding times. It takes longer to embark and disembark with those extra seats than it does without them.

  11. I can perhaps see that it might take longer to board, but I can't see how it would take longer to get off.