Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Party

Food was good, service was good and a good time was had by all going by the thank you calls, sms and emails we have received.

The guests were the Brother Friends, Ex NT Policeman and his Fijian Indian b/f and his b/f, the Mountain Women, the Dyke Friends, Dame M's Boarder, Sister, Mother, Little Jo, Sis in Law, younger niece and her b/f, Tradie Brother, one of R's workmates and her husband, ABI Brother, Brighton Antique Dealer and her Gay Boyfriend........missed someone I supposed, 26 in total. Two late cancellations, the Ambo Dyke friend and a friend who goes way back and we haven't seen for many years but talk on the phone occasionally. Older niece and her b/f could not come either.

No expense spared with the gifts, except perhaps for Sister's. I bought R a new watch. Not a great big rock to try to sit on his wrist, but a smallish and quite stylish one in black and silver. I can tell he likes it.

I flirted with a waiter. I so rarely do this nowadays. His hair should have been black but it was red. Suited him. He was wearing a low cut tee and had a very nice smooth chest. I told him after climbing up and down the stairs all afternoon, he would have very strong leg muscles. I added that since he clearly worked out, they were probably quite strong already. He was useful for catching babies later.

Mother brought her sandwiches and ate them unabashed.

Cake by R's workmate was fantastic, a mousse cake, made with expensive chocolate.

ABI Brother paid far more than he needed to for parking by trying to be cheap. He should have just paid for an all day ticket. He caused us much botheration.

Air con was on, as it was warm, but also an open window and a nice view of Acland Street below.

In spite of me firmly stating that people could pay for their own drinks if they weren't happy with the supplied champers, I relented and individually indicated to people who needed something else to just put it on the tab. The breaking point was coffee at something like three dollars a cup. Multiply that by the numbers of guests.

It ended up costing $800, which included a decent tip for the five waiters, who were very good.

But of course nothing ever goes smoothly. Who would have the last hurrah? The youngest or the oldest. Both.

Mother detained Sister with her usual chatter at the top of the stairs while Little Jo was on the stair below Sister. Little Jo lost her balance and tumbling down the stairs she went, caught halfway by hot waiter. I just knew he would be kind to kiddies and animals. Little Jo cried, but not for long. Sister blamed Mother for detaining her. Sister with glowering looks bolted off to be with the Bone Doctor in mid Victoria. Bone Doctor called R later to wish him a happy birthday and reported only a couple of bruises on Little Jo's back and a very minor cut on her lip.

Sister gets so exasperated with Mother. The rest of us pretty well let it wash over us. Sister is a controller type person, but then so am I. But I know there is no point with Mother. Both of them are upset by the event, but they will be fine in a few days.

Tip, reverse into car park when collecting helium balloons to transport, coz you won't be able to see over your shoulder to reverse out.

Below are a couple of the 3d features within the restaurant. Ownership is changing and the place will probably be renovated, so the features may well disappear. The lower photo is a metal silhouette of Kuala Lumpa's skyline.


  1. What a swell-egant,elegant, Party, it was.
    Have I been to that restaurant when it was called BigMouth?

    Thanks for that dear HighRiser - I felt as if I'd been there, and wish I had - what a cast.
    Live Every Day As Though It Were Your LAST:
    Give away everything you've got,
    max-out the card,
    ski without a helmet; because the Good Memories outlive the bad ones. they really do.

  2. I wish I had been there, Mousse cake, drool.

    And what's wrong with red hair?

    Picky gay.

  3. "It ended up costing $800."

    You said it was a significant birthday, but I didn't realised he'd hit a century.

  4. Anonymous9:34 pm

    ~Birthday kisses to R from me!~

    Despite your infrequency with waiter-flirting, it doesn't sound as if you've gotten rusty at it.

  5. I hoped to paint a good picture Ann. Thanks. It was KL Cafe, about two thirds of the way along Acland Street towards........Club X. I used to like Big Mouth and went there many times. I think it is still much the same.

    Jahteh, I said he looked hot. Just as well you weren't. Your usual table top performance would have been too much for my family and R's workmate. Not for the rest though.

    He was 29 when we met Brian. What have we done with all those years?

    Up to a point girlfriend. The difference now being I just like the fun of flirting and could not be bothered following through and he was young enough to be my son and would not be interested anyway. He was being nice to a customer.

  6. Sounds like a very civilised gathering, glad to hear R had a lovely day of it :)

  7. The whole big birthday fuss wrapped up in a couple of hours Jayne. That was our intention and worth the price.