Saturday, March 14, 2009

MCG Noise

We were out at a pub with a few of Dame M's friends to celebrate mourn her death one year ago on Monday. I had just bought another glass of wine with the others wanted to adjourn to another venue for coffee and cake. After a large meal, quickly drinking a glass of red would not have gone down well on my stomach, so I told them to go on and I would catch up with them after I finished my drink.

Too far to walk, one suggested. No it isn't.
It is raining. No it's stopped.
Dangerous. I will walk past the police station.
It is cold now. I will get a tram.

Eventually they seemed convinced that I could walk for ten minutes to where they were going in their respective motor cars.

I was pleased I did stay. I sat on a comfy couch and watched some of the MCG fire benefit concert on V, whatever V is. It is a pity our first wet day for months and the concert co-incided, but the rain did not seem to spoil the concert atmosphere.

Earlier I caught a bit of Wolfman Mother. Oh dear, really not my sort of music. Any relation to Wolfman Jack?

Did I catch the end of Kylie? Her leaving the stage? Damn, missed that.

But as I sat on said comfy couch, Hunters and Collectors were performing. One guy in the bar had pronounced three numbers ago that this was it, their song, called Throw Your Arms Around Me. He got more excited when an electric guitar was swapped to an accoustic one. He was convinced that this would be it. Nope, another dirge to go. Finally they did perform the very popular song. I have heard it. It usually washes over me like most music I hear on AM radio stations.

My fellow occupants of the bar threw their hands up into the air, sang along and cheered. They kind of were of an age where Hunters and Collectors could have been around in their impressionable years, just.

But I am puzzled by what I saw on Channel V. Is that Channel Five? I have been to smallish music concerts, Skyhooks and Supernaut come to mind. Must have been more than that. Good fun. Everyone watched and jigged around on the spot. But I saw at the Fire Benefit concert people jumping up and down, going crazy, going off, jumping on top of other people. I did not note any moshing, but perhaps that was happening too. Many of them would have been barely born when Hunters were around.

I just don't get all this physical stuff when you hear music you like. Surely you want to relax and listen closely to music you like. You want to hear the lyrics, hear the tones in the voice, listen to the instruments and how they are played. If you get really excited by a performer's music, perhaps you want to dance.

I really just don't get it at all. You can't half tell I am getting old.


  1. "But I am puzzled by what I saw on Channel V. Is that Channel Five?"'s the channel run by the baby-eating lizard people I think.

  2. I totally love the baby-eating lizard people. I miss them.

  3. LOL @ Brian and Dina.
    Dunno what V stands for, we hardly watch it but the whole she-bang was brilliant yesterday.
    V was broadcasting MCG concert, Music Max was broadcasting SCG concert and each would cross to what the other was showing in between bands - so we got a bit of everyone in both states.
    The crowds were going off like a frog in a sock, mosh pits were happening, etc.
    Hunters & Collectors(and their ilk) are to the current generation what The Beatles were to us, Andrew, if that makes sense.

  4. I was at the Hunters&C's very first gig.
    Massive stadium crowd insanity is no different from those swarming pilgrimages to Mecca. Group-fuelled hysteria. Sop to the masses. Opiate of the masses. Everybody releases pent-up energy and emotion, and goes to work on Monday morning calmly and quietly.

    SO MUCH money must have been raised by NOW ...

    (and of course HotRiser got safely to his friends at the next venue?)

  5. Wolfman Mother lol, aw bless!
    I missed the whole lot, which is a great thing, I'm sick of things that are over hyped, even if they're for good causes.

  6. I live near the SCG but didn't hear any of the music. I watched a bit of it on Foxtel but it isn't my type of music although some of the songs that the band Tim Finn belongs to were familiar.

    There were two massive thunderstorms during the Sydney concert, one in the afternoon and then the other at night.

  7. Anonymous8:48 pm

    'There were two massive thunderstorms during the Sydney concert, one in the afternoon and then the other at night.'

    Was that an omen?

    Haven't they raised enough money for the char-grills? How much are the insurance companies footing?

    Hope they are directing enough of it to the poor wildlife.

  8. Brian, you are getting worse than Reuben.

    Dina, girlfriend, sweetness. What are you on about? I don't get this lizard thing.

    No Jayne, I shan't wear it. I never liked the Beatles, but I do get your point. Is your Pa on Itunes now, buying tracks?

    I arrived quite safely thank you Ann. Appreciate what you say. It is kind of like a personal public performance by those attending. I recall a cute workmate many years ago who was excited because he was going to see H&C in one of their early performances. Did you promote/push them? What do you think of their music now?

    Yeah well Fenz, gotta think of the benefit, and the hype was a big part of it.

    Victor, I can relate to Split Enz. Ha, you had forgotten their name. They dressed cooly.

    Sydney Anon I hope, I hope so too. These wild life carer people work on a shoestring and Healsville Sanctuary is at the mercy of Melbourne Zoo accountants.

  9. Anonymous11:54 am

    Don't be silly, Andrew...Brian's way out of my league.