Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lite Eggs

No, they are still bad for your cholesterol, so light in weight I mean.

I weighed a 70g Safeway/Woolworths bought free range egg on our barely used and quite new Salter electronic kitchen scales and it came in at 65g.

This was sparked when I thought a dozen 65g free range egg looked particularly small. The eggs were bought from a cheap fruit and vegetable shop. The one I weighed came in at 60g.

If you have electronic scales and you believe they are accurate, try weighing an egg or two and let me know what result you get.

Either our scales are inaccurate or this is the great egg weight rip off scandal.


  1. "I weighed a 70g Safeway/Woolworths bought free range egg...and it came in at 65g."

    Whom does one sue?

  2. The retailer Brian. Funnily and coincidentally, there was a story on a tv current affairs show tonight about under weight measures.

  3. 1. won't somebody think of the poor chickens?

    2. free-range and Safeway are not to be trusted.

    3. the yolks have cholesterol but the whites counter-act it.

  4. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Better still, egg 'em.

  5. I've often thought they looked underweight.

  6. Well, I do think of them Ann. That is why I buy free range but I expect there soon will be 'the great free range egg scandal'.

    Before you pay for the eggs Reuben.

    Well, do try weighing them Jayne. You've got time on your hands.

  7. Buy happy eggs from happy chooks on Kangaroo Island. Best ever.

  8. 60g eggs between 55g and 60g, I think perhaps they average the weight? They are free range eggs that I have here :)

  9. Where to buy them from Jahteh?

    Perhaps Cazzie, but really, I think the stated weight should be a minimum.

  10. I buy them from Lamana's at Southland which is the only place I've seen them. They do taste better than supermarket eggs.