Monday, March 09, 2009

The Langy Niece

The Langwarrin niece, the younger, called yesterday to ask if she could stay the night, without her b/f though. Of course I said yes, and sms R to let him know.

Niece was going to see a performer on her own at Moomba Festival. His name is Rob Sawyer and he is a friend of her brothers. She saw him and had a chat to him and he gave her his latest cd, unplugged, at the Powerhouse, Albert Park.

I had a listen this morning and although not my sort of music, he is not a bad performer at all.

I managed to make Niece cry last night with my frank talk about her and her father's relationship. I think I talked some sense as this morning she showed my an sms she had sent him last night. Quite loving. He answered in a similar vein this morning.

Her plan was to meet friends at Southland shopping centre. The trams for her to get to Flinders Street Station were mucked up because of Moomba, so I thought to drive her to South Yarra Station, but then I thought perhaps we would go to DFO in Moorabbin and drop her at Southland on the way.

We did so but before we left, we took her across the road for some breakfast at the cafe. I could see her eyes looking past me when I was talking and I turned around, and this is what was to be seen in the chemist window. Not great ads to have next to your local cafe.

Did the full circuit at DFO and kept a watch out for any local lurking red heads who might be around. Bought a shirt and a wallet and a bottle of ginger beer made to a one hundred and twenty year old recipe. Nice, but I lifted my arm and forgot I had the top in my other hand and most of the ginger beer was absorbed into my newly bought shirt. Sticky sun glasses and sticky old wallet along with the shirt and a bag full of ginger beer.

Home for some r & r.

A rotting toe nail. Delightful.

The Intestinal Broom. Charming.


  1. SOunds like you have a great relationship wih your niece. Is her father your brother?

  2. Yep Loz. Tradie Brother's and Sis in Law's youngest daughter.

  3. "Bought [...]a bottle of ginger beer made to a one hundred and twenty year old recipe"

    I presume you bought it directly, as I did, from the author of the recipe, that lurking redhead.

    (Lookin' good for her age I thought ... and arguably fitter than the green eyed buffed young lad she had in a headlock under the counter.)

  4. Nothing like a spot of toenail fungus to get one in the mood for a bacon butty I reckon.

  5. I feel so uncomfortable if I spill food/drink over me and will moan and groan on about it until I am able to shower and change.

  6. Now that advertisement with the toe nail would even put me ff my breakfast !

  7. Made from her very own gingers LS.

    Perhaps bacon fat might cure the problem Brian.

    I take it you don't mean me Jayne.

    R often spills stuff Victor. I rarely do.

    You sure Cazzie?

  8. Watch your mouth Sedgwick, I'm back online, for the moment, rotten toenails crossed.

  9. I can watch my north'n'.

    What you need to do Coppertop is watch yer toes. You know from past painful experience that I view your pinkies as entirely excusable collateral damage.

    (At least I didn't do the Fergie bit on your pinkies.)

  10. The fact that you mention it LS makes me think you want to.

  11. SPRUNG!

    Dammit! I should have hidden my (and her) Homypeds under a bushel.

  12. Just a short stretch and you can have their odour at your nose LS.

  13. Have you heard what comes out of that bearded beast's mouth? I wouldn't put my polished tootsies anywhere near it.
    Perhaps this comment should have gone on the sex post under 'kinky'.

  14. My NZ friends asks:
    Is a foot-fetushest a HomyPedafile?

    (well we didn't want to attract weird searchbox entries, but if you do, the I can ask the question myself again later).

    The DFO at So.Cro station is a great way to exercise between trains.

    What a Good Uncle/Mediator you are.
    Gold Star onya book.

  15. Wow! You have a Tradie in the family?
    definitely more status than say, a hedge-fund manager.
    Good luck!

  16. More a fetish Jahteh.

    FGMS, it is not the cheapest DFO that is for sure. I like the Cheltenham one.

    Sister is the only posh one Ann, a school teacher.