Friday, March 27, 2009

Hungarian Virgin

Oh, that will bring the readers.

Here is the let down. I am a virgin to Hungarian food. Well I thought I was. I was only partly a virgin.

We had some take away Hungarian food with our dyke friend this week from a little discreet shop in Carlisle Street that I have passed many times and never noticed. Dyke friend mentioned it so we decided to give it a shot. I have wanted to try goulash for ages. I did not think I had ever had it. I had never had anything I knew to be goulash.

However, as soon as I tasted it, I knew I had eaten it before, no idea when or where. Quite nice really.

I am sure I am a virgin to Russian food, so I should try some borscht soon. Wait, I have had a blintz or whatever it is at Pancake Parlour. Does that count? Before I know it i will be eating frogs legs, crickets, witchety grubs and kangaroo.

Well, better go and see if Little Jo is bored with watching Tro Tro. I am quite getting into watching Tro Tro, the naughty scamp he is. Sister has gone to the footy and the Bone Doctor is returning to Melbourne for the weekend and will pick up Little Jo.


  1. never mind being a goulash-virgin, you are a kiddie-movie virgin too. Just wait till minding Little Jo comprises watching The Little Mermaid 18 times ...

  2. "I am a virgin to Hungarian food."

    I'm surprised considering how famous the Hungarian cuisine scene is.

  3. There's a great place on Glenhuntly Rd between Kooyong and Hawthorn Rd. It's small, but the food there is pretty damn good.

    As for kangaroo, it's great - lean and very nice. Only trouble is marinade. The meat is very dense. You might want to avoid the kangaroo sausages though - not nearly as nice.

  4. I'm wondering if I've ever had Hungarian food.

    I think I have Hungarian ancestors actually.

    I have had Polish food. I wonder if it's similar.....

  5. ohhhhh, Ann. I don't want.

    There are sure some interesting ways of eating Hungarian Brian.

    Ok Rob. I have heard of another close to Elsternwick Station too.

    All I know of Polish food Dina is Polish sausage. I think they would be similar.

  6. Oh Tro Tro, Oh Tro Tro...thanks Andrew, now that will be stuck inside my head all day.

  7. If the one Rob means is on the left hand side going towards Elsternwick then, yep, it's bloody good.
    There's a Russian deli in Carnegie in the main drag near Neerim Rd end, lots of yummy goodies to buy and try at home.
    Can turn you into the new Russian Tzarina!

  8. That's the one. I think it's called "The Little Hungarian Restaurant". The one near Elsternwick Station (across the road and up a bit is the one I think you mean) is pretty good. If you're going on one of the tight arse nights, it pays to book. Went there with Andy a while back.

  9. Anthony, it helps to sing along with it and enjoy it.

    Jayne, I don't think the dowager empress is for changing.

    I heard it gets busy Rob, but you suggest that is on cheap nights. Rather pay full price. I was in Andy's work nick of the woods today. Place is full of poofs as usual.